Arena 7 Deck: P.E.K.K.A Deck

Are you looking for a decent Arena 7 Deck which can help you dominate in the Royal Arena? Please take a look at this new stunning P.E.K.K.A Deck, which successfully helped my push to 2800+ trophies when I was just at level 8! Thanks Traderwhat very much for helping me post this Clash Royale Deck!

Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck

General Game Plan

Okay so our Arena 7 Deck contains these cards: P.E.K.K.A, Arrows, Musketeer, Elixir Collector, Minion Horde, Minions, Skeleton Army and the Goblin Barrel.

Our general game plan with this Deck is to use P.E.K.K.A and swarms to push the opponent Crown Tower:

  • The ideal opener of this Deck is the Elixir Collector. Just place it right away when the battle starts as it will start generating a lot of Elixir for your pushes. You still have 5 Elixir left to deal with the opponent attack.
  • Start working on your push once you have placed your Elixir Collector. Ideally you should start a push by placing your P.E.K.K.A at the back of the King Tower. By doing that, you will have enough time to regenerate Elixir to get the support troops for your P.E.K.K.A. You may want to place a Musketeer behind it.
  • You have 2 choices:
    1. If you know that the opponent used their Arrows, just drop your Minion Horde or the Skeleton Army. They will tear apart anything which try to stop your P.E.K.K.A and allowing her to reach the enemy Crown Tower. However, this is the most risky play. I don’t recommend using it at the first push.
    2. Simply use the card Minions (3 Elixir) as they can deal decent damage and are much less susceptible to splash damage. Just make sure that you place the Minions when the enemy Crown Tower stars shooting your P.E.K.K.A for the maximum effectiveness.
  • In many games I played, Minions (yes, 3 Elixir) have a tendency to draw AoE cards like the Arrows. If your opponent drops the Arrows, just spam-all-your-cards-and-laugh.
  • Don’t worry If you face Hog Rider, Balloon or any other defense-targeting troops, you have the Elixir Collector, which has an impressive HP. It will be soaking damage and you will be able to deal with most attacks because you have a lot of swarms; the opponent Prince gets locked on your Skeleton Army;… Also, this is very very useful when you have already had 1 Crown and trying to defend.
  • The P.E.K.K.A with 3k HP will also be useful in defense. Also, she can easily counter the popular Prince-Dark Prince combo.
  • The Goblin Barrel has a lot of uses in this Deck. First off, you can use it to bait the Arrow. When your P.E.K.K.A is start rolling down on the enemy lane, you can throw the Goblin Barrel to the enemy Tower. Most of the time, they will try to correctly take them down with Arrows, which allows you to start a super swarm attack. Sometimes, you can use it as the finisher too. And when the enemy Crown Tower is shooting your 3k HP P.E.K.K.A, you can use your Goblin Barrel to deal a decent damage to it.



  • Balloon: You have Minion Horde, Minions and the Musketeer. Don’t worry then!
  • Prince: This is a very easy matchup. Use your Skeleton Army to block him. You can drop your P.E.K.K.A when your opponent uses the Arrows.
  • Prince + Dark Prince: New popular combo and more annoying than the Prince. Skeleton Army is pretty good at dealing with this combo since the Dark Prince’s splash damage is not a circle like the Valkyries’s. But, you should use Minion Horde and P.E.K.K.A with the Skeleton Army.
  • Hog Rider: Your swarms can mess him up anytime. In the late game, you can use the Collector to stop him from kissing your Towers.
  • Golem: P.E.K.K.A can deal a lot damage and much faster than other troops. Even If you don’t have him available, you still have a lot of swarms which can make it very tough for the opponent. This is an easy matchup.
  • X-Bow and Mortar: Truly this is an annoying matchup. You should try to push hardly when the opponent uses them. You can use the P.E.K.K.A as the shield for your backing troops dealing damage.
  • Hut Decks: This is properly the worst matchup for this deck. Luckily I haven’t faced many Hut Decks in Arena 7. The best way to deal with them is to push hardly on the other side after they drop a Hut.

Another version of this Arena 7 Deck:

If you are in a meta game which has a lot of Hut or X-Bow/Mortar Decks, you should use the alternative Deck below. It works wonderfully against those decks. Just Rocket all those Huts/X-Bow and you will be fine:

Arena 7 Deck: P.E.K.K.A Deck

Ok guys I hope you found this Arena 7 Deck helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask me any question!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    Definately will try. Do have pekka on one account, not elixer pump or skele army though. Barbarians and tesla I say! Well, maybe gob hut for tesla? Thinking it over. Also, it does seem smart to counter hoard with hoard. Bait the arrows with the barrel then pekka musketeer minion horde and then throw in some basic minions when you get to the king tower, then goblin barrel…Yep, I’m going to try this! One account is at very early pekkas playhouse, I will try this pekka deck there, will reply with results!


    • Will Potter

      Cool. Looking for your battle logs mate xD.
      Good luck!

  • Nobunaga

    I’ve been looking for a good pekka deck – thanks!

  • Adam

    I would do barbs not skeleton army, and wizard not musketeer.

    • Will Potter

      Musketeer is great IMO and yea, I recommend using Barbarians instead of Skeleton Army.

      • Adam

        I was just thinking wizard to deal with small troops.

  • Adam

    Is there an arena 4 Pekka deck? Just bought her in the shop.

    • Will Potter

      Did you try this?
      You can replace the Wizard with Bomber.

      • Adam

        LOL there is already wizard, bomber, and baby drag but I guess I could replace wiz with goblins.

        • Will Potter

          LOL sorry man,. My bad!

    • Guest19987

      I want to know this aswell

  • FTA

    This deck didn’t have any splash damage card, how are you going to deal with crowd ?

    • Will Potter

      Hello FTA, Normally I would spend more Elixir to deal with a push If I don’t have enough card on my hand. Otherwise, I will push the other lane and let the opponent deals hundreds damage to my Tower. I am working on a video and will post it here as soon as possible!

    • Toby Ryberg

      I agree. I am currently using a Pekka deck, and I have paired it with many spash damage cards including Wizard, Baby Dragon, and even Ice Wizard. I also have squeezed Barbarians, Spear Goblins and a dirty Rage spell for an even more devastating push.

  • Theo C

    What can I replace Elixer Pump with, I don t have it yet

    • Will Potter

      I think you just can’t replace Elixir Collector with anything else If you want to play with P.E.K.K.A!

  • Vino

    Hi guys I need help when going up against the golem it’s just so annoying. My cards are Hog, freeze, minion horde/skeleton army (any of those), Giant skele, Prince, arrows, barbs, archers

    • IncaKola

      inferno tower is good…if u dont wanna swap your deck at all think about using a defensive freeze instead of using it on offence. Giant skeleton and valkyrie are great cards to put behind the golem to distract and kill everything that the golem is supported with. Barbarians, mini pekka, giant pekka, and minion horde or skeleton army are great at destroying the golem itself be caustion using the minion horde or barbs against a wizard backing it up (thats what the valk/giant skeleton is for). Fireball is also a good card to counter troops behind a golem but keep in mind that only a fireball that is one level above the wizard/musketeer will kill the wizard/musketeer. i would say that the best counter to the golem in your deck is freezing the golem and everything behind it and dropping barbs or minion horde on everthing (preferrably barbs since they cant be killed by arrows)

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for the great share buddy!

  • jekk

    This deck is great. Been using it and just 1 loss so far. Just modified it a bit since I don’t have a skeleton army and my goblins are better than minions.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! I am very glad to hear this buddy!

      • It was just kinda hard if my opponent has a hut deck or has fireball/rocket.

  • Ricky

    Lost 3 in a row dumbest fucking deck ever was winning more with my deck

  • Ricky

    And yes I read the comments he made was always being over whelmed and if you don’t get the elixir card right off the bat might as well quit.

  • Ethan

    I’ve played a deck very similar to this:

    Pekka lvl 3
    Witch lvl 2
    Baby Dragon lvl 2
    Rage Spell lvl 1
    Musketeer lvl 4
    Minion Horde lvl 6
    Archers lvl 7
    Arrows lvl 7

    You can probably figure out how to play it. I’ve gotten to Arena 7 with this (2000+)
    At the beginning, place Pekka at back once you have 10 elixer. Then press forward with support units behind it, rage spell, gg. Minion Horde for control/removal of pesky towers like inferno or tesla. Witch takes care of skeleton army quite nicely, but arrows for minion hordes, spawner decks, or mirrored armies/hordes.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome. Thanks for the great share mate!

  • Dragon fury

    So how can Pekka survive it will be easily distracted as there is no splash attacker

    • Will Potter

      You should timing your Minion Horde and Musketeer properly. Otherwise you can replace Skeleton Army with Wizard, this also works pretty well!

  • Samuel Lavalaye

    How to get pekka fast? She’s the card which I really like to have but I don’thave her! A the moment she was for 2 months not in the shop! How is that possible?!? I’m in Arena 7. Is it an Idea to go to arena 4 bedauwde the chance you world get pekka in shop is bigger?

    • Will Potter

      Yes, when you go to Arena 4, the chance of getting her is better but I think you shouldn’t do that since pushing takes a lot of time!

      • Samuel Lavalaye

        Tnx for answer!

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome mate!

  • Lord Parmenius

    Been using PEKKA deck since 2300 cups. Helped me reach to the legendary arena. Mine is PEKKA/elixir collector/wizard/valkyrie/goblins/poison/barbarians/musketeer. It’s an unstoppable combo if you time your cards right. 🙂 try it out mate! My highest with this deck was 3214!

    • Will Potter

      Impressive! Thank you very much Parmenius!

      • Lord Parmenius

        Yap!! You are welcome. give it a go! 🙂

        • Will Potter

          xD for sure!

    • Fhrey

      What Goblin did you use?

      • Lord Parmenius

        The stabbers… 😛 they are very good for their damage. you don’t need the spear gobs, because you have musketeer and wizard. You can change the poison with freeze, it still works awesome. Everything in this deck is in the poison combo!! It needs some practice! 🙂

        • Giorgos FreestylEr

          Can you explain how to use the posion spell on this deck .. I find my self having the poison and never use it preperly !?
          Thnx in advance

          • Lord Parmenius

            Use it offensive or defensive. It always varies depending on the match. Usually the combo is like this. Pekka, Wizard, Valkyrie or musketeer and then poison in front of the tower or where you can predict the enemy will defend (with goblins/skeletons/barbs). Poison+wizard+valk/musketeer=tower!

    • Michael Araojo

      What alternative could I use replacing poison?

      • Lord Parmenius

        freeze or whatever suits you 🙂

  • Ho Jing Yi

    Wow this deck is super awesome!when i had a losing streak(Lost 357 Cups) I checked this deck out and when i used it,i’m back to arena 6! Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      Nice! I am very glad to hear this buddy! Congrats!

      • david li

        ummmm. do you actually read the comments will?

        • Will Potter

          i read comments every day :D.

  • Ho Jing Yi

    Just if you get unlucky and face inferno towers and goblins and small troops when attacking even skeleton army is deadly if already used arrow
    Weak agaisnt minion hord or skel army if ur arrow has been used by one of those

    • Will Potter

      Hello Ho Jing Yi!
      This is obviously. That’s why you should use it wisely when your opponent has swarms!

  • Daniel Nuzum

    Can you sub the pekka for the giant skele? My giant skele is lvl 3 while pekka is just level 1

    • Will Potter

      Yes! I think you can give it a try buddy!

      • Daniel Nuzum

        Thank you

        • Will Potter

          Welcome mate!

  • Vizactyh

    Huh? I dont understand this deck at all. I lost around 100 trop and gave up on this. I was against opponents with wizards, bombtowers, princess etc. And there was one game where i wanted to push on left side. Then he placed hog and mirrored hog on the right and took my right side with ease. Before my pekka could reach his tower, it was killed by barbs and inferno. This was just one of the many other cases.

    • Will Potter

      What is your main problem while using this deck mate? Please tell me and I will try to help you!

      • Vizactyh

        Pekka unable to reach tower. Just finished another match. After pekka crossed the river, with a musketeer behind, opponent placed barbs on musketeer, at same time drawing pekka back. He also added spear gobs to help him with defence. And soon, my pekka died. Very hard to protect it.

        • Will Potter

          Musketeer + P.E.K.K.A only is not a great push. You will want to use your Goblin Barrel once the opponent’s tower locked on your P.E.K.K.A. Also, don’t hesitate to use your Arrows or Rocket on offense to protect your P.E.K.K.A!

  • Courier_6

    I love this deck! I did switch out Minions for Spear Goblins, and I’m sure that with Valkyrie this deck would be beast (due to the lack of splash units). I haven’t tried it yet though.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great suggestion buddy! Hope you will give this deck a try soon xD

  • TheGamer95J

    How about subbing wizard for musketeer? Seems better against those annoying spear gobs and barbs and minion horde sometimes.

    • WestPKMN

      Wizard is actually better for dealing with Minion Horde as it does splash damage.

    • Will Potter

      If you really want to use Wizard, it’s better to replace Skeleton Army with him!

  • Wilderest Sphee!

    Hi Will Potter
    I found this new deck and it seems to work!
    It consists of:
    Skeleton Army
    Minion Horde
    Goblin Barrel
    Valkarie (Idk what i was thinking)
    Spear Goblins
    And fireball
    What you do is make the enemy use their arrows/zap on the goblin barrel
    It demolishes towers in less than 5 seconds, and the guy has no counters except wizard and if they have, prince.
    Valkarie and Barbs are a defense troop, Valkarie CAN go on offence.
    Spear Goblins assist in defense or offence
    Arrows for swarms
    Fireball for anything
    Will Potter i hope u try it 😀

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this Wilderest! I will give this a try for sure!

      • Wilderest Sphee!

        No problem 😀 Please let me know the results!

      • Kean Rosales

        I have awesome deck bow arena 6 from arena 4
        Consists of Pekka Baby dragon Witch Bomber Arrows Knight Musketeer Freeze spell Tryit

        • Will Potter

          Thanks for sharing his buddy!

  • Rigle

    A well placed Wizard destroys this deck.

  • KingOfGames

    Can you make a guide for this deck? It helped me gain 120+ trophies. Try out the deck. I hope it works for you!

    • Mitesh Dhamankar

      Instead of lightining if u have use zap spell. Low cost elixer to take minions and gobs. Use of xbow will lead in loading more time to get elixer. So use bonb tower instead of that xbow. Try to keep your avg elixer under 4.8

      • KingOfGames

        I don’t have zap. I haven’t even gotten to the right arena yet.

    • Aarush

      Use this deck
      Mini pekka
      Goblin hut

      Don’t use xbow

  • KingOfGames

    BTW I am in Arena 3.

  • Kevin

    I’ve been doing very well in arena 6 with this deck but I just can’t win when I fight someone in arena 7 while I’m in arena 6. Any suggestions on which cards I should sub? I’ve used the cannon instead of inferno tower but I think the tower deals with tanks much better.

  • Strobe

    What if they place a wizard to take out your PEKKA? All of the spam troops you place behind it would be slaughtered. I am assuming your response will be to take out the Wizard with your Musketeer, but that does not take out all the spam troops used to take out the PEKKA. I am in Arena 7, and by this arena, all players know to kill the support troops (Musketeer) and then take out the PEKKA. The Wizard is an extremely popular card in this arena, and this deck fails to provide a counter for it. Also, if my opponent used Barbarians on offense with Arrows to take out my defense, or the very popular Wizard and Barbarian combination, I do not have a fireball to easily take this out. Poison spells are extremely effective to every deck, so I will not get into their domination against all of these spam troops. But most importantly, it seems that all of the troops in this deck that would be used for defense are susceptible to Arrows. The opponent could simply start an attack with Arrows, Poison, Zap, or really any AoE or direct damage card to easily take out my tower. My suggestion would be to add Barbarians, and replace the highly overestimated Skeleton Army. The only way to win is by succeeding in Elixir trades, and if they need to spend few Elixir to eliminate the majority of your troops, offensive and defensive, you will get destroyed.
    You can tell that I spend way too much time playing this game. #nolifebutidc

  • FlareDT

    Hi, very nice guide. I got a PEKKA deck here, and could I get some feedback from anyone here? I tried this deck, but didn’t work out for me.

    • Nickhide

      Almost the same as mine this has me floating around the 1800-2100 mark

  • matrixcode

    eew, skarmy… can I use barbs instead?

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course! You can try to do that buddy!

      • Emeralds

        This deck is “new” but it’s on the very last page of the decks. Does it mean something else???

    • PrimalSceptile 254

      Whats skarmy? Musketeer? xD

      • matrixcode

        skeleton army

  • Adam O’Brien

    Hey I’m Adam here and I have a great deck spam deck used to waste your opponents arrows or zap/ fireball.

    Minions and minion horde

    Both goblins and goblin barrel

    Lightning, zap and arrows

    Your goal here is to tons of damage overtime and slowly damage your opponents tower

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot for sharing this mate!

  • Savage Duckling

    Hi, I am currently using a Pekka deck in legends, it works really well and got to 3938 trophies. Here is the deck :

    Mini P.E.K.K.A/Inferno Tower
    Valkyrie/Bomb Tower
    Fire Spirits/Spear Goblins
    Fireball/Elixir Collector

    This deck contains a lot of splash damage troops and this will help destroy spawners, and it works really well if you get all the troops of this deck behind the Pekka. This is also a 3 crown deck. Right now I am a level 11 and use a level 5 Pekka, so I am not sure if it would work with everyone, but feel free to try it

    • Will Potter

      Wow seems like a very funny deck. I will give it a try for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing this buddy! You rock!

  • Jonathan Powell

    Hey, I have a deck that either murders or gets murdered, suggestions on improving?

    It’s Lvl. 3 P.E.K.K.A(Pe)., Lvl. 6 3 Musketeers (3M), Lvl. 3 Baby Dragon(B.D.), Lvl. 3 Royal Skeletons (R.S.), Lvl. 3 Poison(Po), Lvl. 6 Elixer Collector(E.C.), Lvl. 8 Spear Goblins(S.G.), Lvl. 9 Archers(A).

    It’s a 4.6 Elixer Deck, and I float between 1850 and 2150 trophies. I find the R.S. good counters for Prince, Dark Prince, Giant, Royal Giant, and Musketeers, the B.D. eats a minion horde effectively.

    I seem to have the most trouble with Sparky, Inferno Tower, and Spawner decks.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks a lot for sharing this. This deck is very hard to use right? Anyway I will give it a try!

      • Jonathan Powell

        It is slightly difficult, I typically play defense then build a nearly unbeatable counterpush, unfortunately fireball counters this pretty hard.

      • Jonathan Powell

        I also switched spear goblins for ice wizard. That’s helped me counter better, and build a better push.

        • Will Potter

          Yea that’s definitely a good choice because you have the Ice Wizard 😀

      • Jonathan Powell

        Do you have any recommendations to help level this deck out?

        • Will Potter

          Epic level 2, Rare level 6 and Common level 7 is great for Arena 7!

    • Zac Salazar
  • Panagiotis Piggios

    Here is another P.E.K.K.A deck
    Elixir Collector
    Try it

    • Will Potter

      P.E.K.K.A Balloon Rage? Sounds very funny.
      How are you doing with it man?