Arena 4 Deck: Push to Arena 4 at Level 3

Hello my friends, today I want to show you a stunning Arena 1 Deck from tarjoilija, which successfully helped me push from Arena 1 to Arena 4! Although this is a super easy-to-use Deck but it is also very very powerful. You should give it a try my friends!

Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck

Okay so above is out Deck. I was testing this Deck yesterday and successfully pushed from Arena 1 to Arena 4 (1100+ trophies) as a level 3 player. This Deck is fairly balanced and works pretty well with the current meta game.

tarjoilija’s Arena 4 Deck:

  • Giant: Extremely useful for both attacking and defending, he can sink a lot of damage.
  • Archers: Nice ranged troops with decent damage. You can replace them with Spear Goblins. Just use the higher level card.
  • Skeleton Army: Good to slow down the enemy troops and take down the opponent tankers. If the opponent doesn’t many AoE cards, they are also very helpful in offense.
  • Arrows: Definitely this is one of the most useful cards in Clash Royale, which helps you clear all low HP cards within seconds.
  • Fireball: Can be used to take town priority targets. Sometimes, you can use it to damage the enemy Barbarians.
  • Goblins: You can use these little guys to distract the enemy troops. You can also replace them with Spear Goblins.
  • Musketeer: Good damage! She can deal a lot of damage when gets coupled with the Giant.
  • Baby Dragon: Very useful since he can deal nice AoE damage and has a decent HP


Tap on the image to see the bigger one.

General Strategy:

Okay so this is our general strategy with this Arena 4 Deck guys!

This deck highly relies on the good Elixir efficiency. Just try to defend the enemy high Elixir attacks with your low Elixir cards (positive Elixir trades). After couples of attacks, you will have more Elixir than him and be ready to launch a massive counter attack.

At starting, just wait for the opponent to make a move and start countering his attacks. If your Elixir bar is about to hit 10, drop the Archers or Spear Goblins right on the bridge so they can deal a little damage to the enemy Crown Towers. If you don’t have either of them, place the Musketeer/Giant or Baby Dragon behind your Crown Tower and prepare for the battle. If you want to attack first, you can combine the first troop with other unites once it’s on the bridge. That’s a 15 Elixir push and not easy to counter.

Don’t forget to constantly keep track on your opponent Cards, you will know his weakness. I have been writing a lot about counter attacks, you can read more about them at here.

Okay so that’s that. I hope you guys have found this post useful. Please share it with your friends If you like it. Also, please comment If you need any help. Good luck and Clash on!

  • Indranil Chowdhury

    i dont have baby dragons what should i use

    • Mika Plastik

      I think minion or prince is okay…you also can use bomber for great splash damage

      • Jerick Lumanog

        i agree maybe replacing baby drag with prince might also work 🙂 i already tried it and so far it work but not 100% 🙂

    • Chayuth Jiraphanvanich

      I think bomber is okay

    • Will Potter

      Do you have any troop which can deal splash damage?

  • Mika Plastik

    Good, my fourth account also just lv.3 and i have a good deck for killing higher lv opponents too…
    here is my deck:
    Gob Barrel
    Mini Pekka
    Spear gob

    Sometimes mini pekka can be changed with barb or minion, but i prefer using mini pekka coz it can deal lot of damage to enemy’s witch or giant or musketeer if placed correctly….
    im still in 850+ but i still feel easy to win against lv.4/5 opponent (guaranteed win against lv.4, actually). Still just lost one time against a lv.5….
    thx. Sorry for bad english….

    • Mika Plastik

      Oh my man…., i just got an arena 3 magical chest….yeah..thats the first magic chest….

      • Will Potter


    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing mate. I really appreciate it.

  • Fabian Kool

    I dont have babby dragon and skeleton army, what can I take in place of them?

    • Will Potter

      I have no idea about this truly because they are one o a kind.
      You can use any group of troops to replace the Skeleton Army and any plash damaging troop to replace the Dragon If you want to try this Deck.

    • Jerick Lumanog

      try to replace it with prince 🙂 bcoz i dont have also baby drag so i replace it with prince just try it 🙂

  • Pearce

    I have all those cards except Skel army, Should i replace it with barbs? @ Will

    • Will Potter

      Yea you can replace it with the Barbarians Pearce!

      • Pearce

        Oh, Thanks!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    I’m not so sure about this deck…If you really used it you’d upgrade your cards…they are pulsing meaning you have the option to. However it looks like it might work. Will try at pekkas playhouse…

    • Myles Oleary

      he probably doesn’t have enough money to upgrade them

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        No. The green bar was pulsing on all of them. meaning he had the gold to upgrade at least one of them

        • Kirito

          Or, you know, most of them could be full because he opened a super magical chest…like the 163/50 archers, 202/20 goblins, and 129/100 arrows…

          • Ultimit☆Cuest

            At arean 1 a super magical has 10 k gold. At the arena he is now, there should be even more. And even if he upgrades all his cards to lv7,he should still have some gold afterward. All in all, he can upgrade his cards, but chooses not to. If this deck really got him that much sucess, why not upgrade the cards and go even higher? Because if something is working now, and you upgrade all your cards once or twice, you will probably be able to clim 100-200 more trophies in the ranks

    • Clash Minions

      barb hut,barbarians,prince,witch,arrows,rocket,min horde,hog rider
      try this.thnx me later!*if u want to push,one tower win strategy*

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        pft. Sure. Make an in depth guide for this site then I’ll thank you. As for your strategy, i’ll try it. But I think it could use some defensive cards. I’m thinking tesla for rocket. sure, will try this…

    • Will Potter

      Looking for your great feedback my friend!

  • Myles Oleary

    can I replace archers with minions they’re higher lvl

  • Jerome

    Can you explain the efficiency of the Goblin Barrel? Is it good for a deck? Most of your suggested decks in your articles don’t include this card, just how to deal with it. Is it worth a deck slot?

    • Clash Minions

      goblin barels are op!bt if ur opponents has arrows u r done….usually us goblin barrel when u hv other troops attacking a tower

    • Will Potter

      Hello Jerome,
      It depends on your Deck. You can use them to bait the Arrows. Most of the time, your opponent will drop the Arrows If you throw the Goblin Barrel towards his Tower :D.

  • What if you don’t have the skeleton army? What can you replace it with?

    • Will Potter

      Hi Nova, You can try replace it with the Spear Goblins or Barbarians.

  • SouperTreee

    I’m lvl 5, arena 2 (680 trophies) and I got Minion Horde, BB dragon, zap, tombstone, spear gobs, skele army, gob barrel, prince, knight, archers, gobs, giant, valk, bomber, musk, mini pekka, gob hut, arrows, fireball, skele, bomber tower, baloon and giant skele. Tell me a good deck plz!!!

  • LolHD

    What if I don’t have BB Dragon what is a good replacement ?

    • Will Potter

      You can use Wizard or Bomber mate.

  • Gabriela Gama

    Can I use prince in this deck?

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      I don’t think you can replace any card in this deck with the Prince. But you can try to use him instead of Giant.

  • James Harrod

    what happens if no Skeleton Army or Dragon?

    • Will Potter

      Hi James,
      You can replace Dragon with Bomber. Skeleton Army can be replaced by Barbarians or Spear Goblins. Of course the main deck above is the best one.

  • BadasseryOfLuffy

    I’m lvl 4, Arena 3. I have Knight, Archers, Bomber, Giant, Musketeer, Witch, Spear Goblin, Goblin Hut, Fireball, Minions, Skeletons, Bomb Tower, Tombstone, Prince, Valkyrie, Mini Pekka, Arrows, Baby Dragon, Balloon, Skel. army, and Goblin. Please give me a good battle deck for me to use in the future. TIA 😀

  • AlexRocks

    I think that Witch can be good replacament with skel army?
    what you think =

    • Will Potter

      Not bad at all. You can do that mate!

  • Christian Parras

    Hey guys i need help to create a good deck or strategy, I got the super magical chest & i got some good cards but i haven’t been able to create a good and balanced deck I’d be really thankful if you guys help me

    • Will Potter

      I have posted couples of good decks on this blog. Did you try them all mate?

      • Christian Parras

        I was looking for one that I could use with my cards but ima check yours and see if i can create one so thanks mate!

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome man! Good luck further!

  • Christian Parras

    This is my deck

    • Nathan Shlapobersky

      Maybe try to replace the high elixir cost cards with a canon. It’s also a giant magnet and also 3 elixir

      • Christian Parras

        I’ll try that thanks for the advice!

      • kennedy03

        canon low hp

    • Nathan Shlapobersky

      Bomb towers are also very good. They deal alot of splash damage

      • Christian Parras

        I know but i don’t like that it only hits ground troops but thanks for the advice!

  • Nathan Shlapobersky

    Hey what do you think of the Knight?

  • Sabah

    The deck I use is Prince Epic, Hog Riders, Witch, Skeleton Army, Spear Goblins, barbarians, musketeer, and minion horde

  • Brew Martinez

    i’m level 5 with 1230 highest trophies dropped down to 880+ and never getting higher.. and still badluck, i hope this strategy deck works…

    • Brew Martinez

      and still no luck at the first try.. any good decks for level 5?

      • Will Potter

        You give up after just 1 match?

    • Will Potter

      Just comment when you need help. I always do my best to help you!

  • max

    hey will potter can u send me ur deck I’m in arena 4 cant go higher and can u give me some strategy of winning and how to get epic cards

    • Christian Parras
    • Christian Parras

      Hey I’m not Potter but I’ve created this simple deck & it has helped me to get all the way to arena 5, the strategy is simple use the giant as a tank for the musketeer & it does a pretty good damage to the towers & even better if you put the goblins house on the back of 1 of ur towers in the side you’re attacking then u can use the drag to defend or protect the other troops, the minion horde is very useful to defend it can take out big troops easily like the giant with the bomb, the normal giant, the hog riders, the prince & even the pekka so give it a try & try to find the key for the strategy.

      Well good luck

      • Will Potter

        Thank you very much for sharing this Christian!
        I will give it a try for sure!

    • Will Potter

      Did you try the Deck above Max?

  • Will Potter

    My friend pushed to Arena 6 with this Deck. I think you should give it a try mate!

    • aleander clash

      thanks mate. Right now i m in a loosing spree 🙁 Will try after some time. can u suggest how to include xbow(level 1) or inferno(level 2) in any deck. Also i want to know which to use minions or minions horde.

      • Will Potter

        It depends on your deck dude. IMO Inferno is much better. I don’t like using X-Bow at all! It’s pretty boring!

  • Roberto Kartoredjo

    Will can i use this Deck in arena 3 also?

    • Will Potter

      No problem at all mate! As long as you have all those cards, you can use this deck!

  • Robert Montague

    I’m having the toughest time in Arena 4. I don’t have prince or baby dragon, but I do have most for the huts deck (I kinda hate playing it in arena 4… there are so many counters to it). Does anyone have a suggestion as to either improve it or a better deck?

    My cards:
    Current Deck:
    Skeletons – Level 5
    Spear Goblins – Level 5
    Barbarians – Level 5
    Witch – Level 1
    Arrows – Level 5
    Tombstone – Level 3
    Goblin Hut – Level 3
    Barbarian Hut – Level 3

    Other cards:
    Knight – Level 6
    Archers – Level 5
    Goblins – Level 5
    Giant – Level 3
    Valkyrie – Level 3
    Bomber – Level 6
    Musketeer – Level 3
    Mini P.E.K.K.A. – Level 3
    Fireball – Level 3
    Skeleton Army – Level 1
    Goblin Barrel – Level 1 (just acquired today!)
    Lightning – Level 1
    Minions – Level 5
    Bomb Tower – Level 3
    Cannon – Level 6
    Rocket – Level 3
    X-Bow – Level 1
    Minion Horde – Level 3
    Tesla – Level 3
    Inferno Tower – Level 2
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I kinda feel dirty playing all the hut decks and would like something that is more versatile… tricky counter pushes would be nice.

    • Bambang petrus

      I think you better take out tombstone and barbarian huts out of your deck, and replace them with minion horde and mini pekka. And take out skeletons and replace it with skeletons army

  • Asel Peiris

    As far as i can underdstand this game…there is no “best” deck or godlike decks in this game. The only thing that matters is whether your deck is balanced or nor. From balanced i mean a good composition of air , ground aoe and spells. The rest depends on the gaming knowledge ( i.e knowing the counters for each and every card and using that knowledge to gain elixir advantages which can be later converted into wins). I also believe that those epic cards are a must to win at this game either. I can assure you that you can make it to 2000 trophies with a balanced deck without epics. ( However i believe that epic cards are worth more in the latter stages of the game… that is after you get to 2000 trophies ofc). My advice for the beginners would be to try each and every card out with different decks. Yes you may lose games trying out different cards, but once you rhroughly understand the counters and aspect of each card , the climb to 2000 trophies will be really , REALLY easy. 🙂

  • UnexLT


  • awesomeajay99

    Hey can u do something where u show situations when u would use lightning it is a card I have little experience with and like the deck but am struggling with the usage of the Lightning spell

    • Will Potter

      Just Lightning any troop If it’s a good trade. Using it on Huts is not bad at all. Also, You can use Lightning on a defensive building and also deal additional damage to the tower and troops nearby.

  • Adarsh

    umm i dont have a skeleton army card soo….wat should i replace it with???

    • Will Potter

      Hello Adarsh,
      I think you should try to replace Skeleton Army with Barbarians!

      • Adarsh

        ooh okk thxx 😀

        • Will Potter

          xD You are very welcome dude!

    • Alexis Garcia

      Goblin spawner

  • HojoNgrz

    Stuck at the beginning of Arena 3 and want to push to 4 at least; I Don’t have the skeleton army for this setup. Any tips for a deck out of my current cards? (Images Below)

    • Will Potter

      Then you should give this Deck a try dude:

    • Elijah Williams

      This is a good push deck for pushing to arena 4

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for sharing man!

        • Elijah Williams

          You’re welcome

      • aleander clash

        nice deck

        • Elijah Williams

          Thx man

      • Vinay V.

        baby dragon could counter if you didn’t have giant your deck

        • Elijah Williams

          No cause i have the musketeer to counter the baby dragon

          • Vinay V.

            switch your goblins for the musketeer

    • volibearful

      try prince,witch,minions,spear goblins,goblin hut,bomber,baby dragon and giant

  • MxumusJ

    what should i use instead of the baby drag

    • Will Potter

      In which deck mate?

  • Aditya kore

    I am at arena 4 I haven’t got witch, skeleton army and giant skeleton. I am finding it hard to get them how will I get them? Should I drop to arena 1?

    • Will Potter

      Don’t drop your trophies. Just keep playing and using other decks. You will get them soon!

    • Mr.Frank

      Unfortunately, that won’t help. I have neither the Dragon nor the Prince and yet there has been no benefit in dropping to lower arenas. Just keep moving up. Newer cards might be able to act as the next best alternatives.

  • dan ger

    Help I’m stuck in arena 4, this is my deck … please give me suggestions

  • dan ger

    Sorry this is my deck

  • Fadi Khoury

    Hey man i wish u reply fast to this message. im level 6 with only 939 trophies yes 939 i cant go up anymore i want to try this deck out but i domt have baby dragon…what to do?maybe replace it with baloon?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Fadi, you can probable replace him with Bomber :D. Good luck further!

  • BossH0g

    Can you make a deck with a prince that does well in Arena 4?

  • Adarsh

    heyy guys i got a pekka and inferno tower and i would really like to put those in my deck …soo could u guys suggest a deck where i could use both??

  • Sel Hardaker

    sup, i have a decent deck that you might all think is crap, but for me it helps if you get to arena four, then are overpowered by ppl with much more effective troops. Of course, you need to unlock a few LV.4 chests, but then, its decent. So here:
    Musketeer, Knight, B.Drag, Bomb Tower, Tesla, Barb Hut, Witch, Skel Army. It might be bad, but the thing that makes this deck OP is that, I unlocked a super magical chest and this unlocked me LEVEL 5 BARB HUTS AT ABOUT LV.3. So i am sending 2 lv.7 barbs every once in a while. Which is very OP at these early levels. Use them with Witch, and Skel Army, and later, bring in a Drag/Musketeer, depending on what cards ur opponent uses. I find it very powerful, but want your advice. Thanks!
    PS: Why am i never ever getting a damn Prince? It is the ONLY CARD I DO NOT HAVE AT MY CURRENT ARENA(3). Best chest to unlock for Prince is?

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy! I really appreciate it!

      For the Prince, It’s all about luck dude! You can get him in one day. Just keep opening your chests!

  • Mudtheduck

    I Can Use The Fireballs But I Dont Want To Use It
    What Should I Replace On It?

    • Will Potter

      Hello dude! You can replace it with Lightning or Zap If you want :D.

  • Nathaniel Wehling

    Don’t have a baby dragon but I have a wich

    • Will Potter

      Hello, you can somehow replace Baby Dragon with Bomber or Wizard buddy :D.

      • Nathaniel Wehling

        Thnx man

        • Will Potter

          Welcome dude!

  • Nate

    I’ve been on a constant losing streak. Have any suggestions for a arena 3 deck?

  • Draftax

    yo, whats a good deck with prince witch
    im using them with rage barbarian arrows mini pekka giant and minions is that god ?

  • Clement Soler

    Thank u very much ! This deck helped me to reach 1356 trophies (for instance)

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! I am very glad to hear that buddy!

  • Adam Badir

    I am stuck in arena 4 can you guys give me an idea for a great deck?

    • Will Potter

      I have posted a lot of good decks on Clash Royale Arena. I think you should give them a try dude!

  • Rahul Yaji

    i am currently in arena 3 can you please suggest a deck with hut cards? i don t like to use barbarians cause they are one hitted by fireball. even valkierey takes them down with 3 or 4 shots.

    • Will Potter

      Those are the ways to counter Barbarians buddy. If you use Hut Decks, you can be countered by Lightning and Rocket, right?

  • Hunter

    can make a arena 4 pekka deck plz will poter?

  • Dev Sharma

    An Awesome Deck to SWARM & OVERWHELM the enemy
    Barbarian hut lvl 3-5
    Goblin hut lvl 3-5
    Spear Goblins lvl 6-8
    Barbarians lvl 6-8
    Minion Horde lvl 6-8
    Arrows lvl 6-8
    Witch lvl 2-3
    Rage lvl 1-2

    The AEC is 4.4 but as these are huts they only needed to be planted once and can even soak up some damage when required.

    Note: Always put barbarian hut 2-3 tiles away from arena tower and 2-3 tiles ahead of king’s tower
    and Goblin hut should be placed behind the arena towers.This compensates the differing speed of the huts and troops.

    You start by putting the barbarian hut or goblin else throw up S. gobs on bridge.
    When u have both huts planted drop barbs for cover then drop witch behind the arena tower so that by the time it reaches, it has 6 skeletons if ur troops safely reach the tower then drop rage else use the minion horde or arrows for counter.

    Counter for major enemies
    HIgh damage/hitpoint cards can be countered by Minion Horde or S.gobs.
    Huts: if opponent only has goblin hut then they can be ignored.
    if he has both then use minion horde to kill barbs in ur arena and arrows for the swarming gobs.
    Hope u appreciate the deck Will
    leave a THUMBS UP if u LIKE it

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this mate!

  • Isaiah Mitchell

    Okay so I’m trying to push to arena 4 before I get that first magical chest. I don’t have baby drag or skeleton army. Replacement?

    • Will Potter

      Try to replace Baby Dragon with Bomber and Skeleton Army with Spear Goblins!

  • bzztyo

    i am at level 3 and still in arena 1 🙁 this is my deck:

    giant Level 2
    arrows Level 3
    bomber Level 4
    witch Level 1
    Mini PEKKA Level 1
    Musketeer Level 2
    Spear goblin Level 3
    Knight Level 3

    Pls give comments on how to improve bcos i really want to move up to the next arena . the only other cards i have are archers , fireball goblins 🙁

  • unduffytable

    I am a lv 3 player who made it to arena 4 using:
    Giant, Witch, Musketeer, Archers, Knight, Arrows, Bomber and Valkyrie. Averages out to 3.8 elixir