Arena 4 Deck – Prince Squad

Hello my friends, today I am going to introduce with you an Arena 4 deck – the Prince Squad. This deck was shared by VF from EL TORROZ (Thank you very much mate!). I did a small test with this deck yesterday on my level 4 account and I successfully pushed from Arena 4 to Arena 5 with 8 consecutive victories.

Arena 4 Deck Prince Squad

Arena 4 Deck – The Prince Squad

General Game Plan

This Deck is rather defensive. Its main goal is to use disruptive cards that allow to generate Elixir advantages while applying pressure to a lane. Many victories will result into 1-0 and you frankly don’t need more crowns; 1-0 is as much a victory as 3-0 is.

The Use of Cards

Barbarian // 5 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 6~8
This card is awesome. Barbarians are jack-of-all-trades in this game. They can be used defensively to take on about all the troops with some help, as well as offensively as sponges to take hits while your ranged goblins do most of the damage.

Minion Horde // 5 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 6~8
Summons not 3, but 6 minions, for only 5 Elixir. A total bargain, capable to take on powerful melee troops like no other card and walk out undamaged. They can also destroy a distracted Baby Dragon and take on the Witch with relative ease. Awesome on offense if your opponent don’t outright one-shot them with Arrows. At Level 8 they do not die from Level 6 Arrows, which means they can prove surprisingly bulky for their role.

Spear Goblin // 2 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 7~8
This is the cheapest valuable card of the game. It does everything. It can take on the Prince, the Giant Skeleton, the Balloon, the Musketeer, you name it. It may not kill everyone but it is more than a good distraction, that buys time for your towers and the Inferno Tower to finish off enemies. OFfensively an awesome card behind Barbarians or even Minion Horde and Prince.


Goblin Hut // 5 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 4 minimum
Continually summons Spear Goblins. It can apply pressure in a lane by spawning the goblins that deal little damage, that builds up slowly, against enemy tower. Place it behind either crown tower that isn’t the king, on the leftmost / rightmost corner, or closest to king’s tower. Make sure you always have an active Hut. Having two is best as well.

Arrows // 3 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 5~6
How awesome! This is literally the best card of the whole game. Kills all weakened troops. Kills Archers, Spear Goblins, Goblins, Minions, Minion Horde, Skeleton, Tombstone, Skeleton Army and any building that has reached little time in its lifespan. Can devastate a squishy assault. Gets rid of the silly cards that may distract your Prince, Barbarians and Minion Horde. Cheap and awesome!

Bomber // 3 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 6~8
This is a one-man army killer. He can take on Barbarians, Witch, Archers, Musketeer and Goblins of all kind, alone. He’s an awesome backup troop to eliminate pesky squishies and work like the Arrows, but as a troop. However he doesn’t target Minions which is why you need the Arrows. You can replace him with Freeze if you have that.

Prince // 5 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 1~2
Here comes the most powerful card of Clash Royale. His damage output is stupid. Incredible movement speed paired with ridiculous damage output makes this dude the best offensive card of the game. Bomber can follow him to help him take on the likes of Skeleton Army and Spear Goblins, while Arrows will eliminate Minion Horde that will nevertheless eat him alive. When you can tell your opponent depletes their Elixir, your Deck has most of the tools to sabotage any assault, and when you have generated this elixir advantage, when you know your opponent has no elixir to stop the Prince, send him. You can also use him on defense to kill bulky troops with ease.

Inferno Tower // 5 Elixir / Ideal Level range: 4 minimum
This is the most underrated card I’ve seen so far. Come on people it exists. It is Inferno Tower. One hell of a building to take down without Minion Horde / Freeze Hog / Freeze Balloon. That’s right. Your opponents will likely waste insane amounts of elixir to take it down. Play as if you had to protect it. If they send Barbarians, get that Bomber out. If they go for PEKKA, distract him with Bomber and Spear Goblin. If their pick is Baby Dragon, get him worked up with Spear Goblins. Watch as the red laser will deplete even the mighty PEKKA’s health in seconds, like no other card can do. Play it right, expect no more than what this card can do, and it will generate insane amounts of Elixir Advantage.

Okay thank you very much for reading guys! I hope you can easily push to Arena 5 with this Arena 4 Deck – The Prince Squad. You rock!

  • Lucas BeAben

    What about a arena 8 hog deck ???

    • Will Potter

      I’m gonna work on it soon but truly all decent Arena 7 decks are working well Arena 8 buddy xD

      • Lucas BeAben

        Ok thanks

  • Lucas BeAben


  • WestPKMN

    Hey Will, I want to share a deck that obliterates in Arena 4. I haven’t lost yet. The only downside is that it requires quite a few Epics.

    Pekka (lvl 2 min)
    Balloon (lvl 2 min)
    Goblins (or skeletons in theory: hasn’t been tested)

    The core is Pekka/Balloon/Rage. You can’t replace anything for them. The point is to place Pekka or Balloon behind crown tower and build up elixir. Bomber and Valk are for splash counters, while Musketeer takes care of Dragon and Minion horde. Goblins/skeletons are for luring Prince, which gets spammed in the higher end of A4.

    Your pushes will not always work, but that’s okay. Your time to shine comes in x2 elixir. When that comes around, you split push with Pekka and Balloon on each side (start from behind King tower), with support troops behind. When the troops get close, whichever has more HP, drop the rage on them. I had a battle where the balloon didn’t survive, but the musketeer came in behind and took the tower at the same time as Pekka/Bomber raged up took the other one. I then managed to get 2 Pekkas and a Balloon with a Rage in yet another push to finish off the crown tower.

    This deck will have some problems when you get close to spell factory, but I’ve seen its a matter of level.

    Thanks for reading, and I encourage anyone who reads this to try this.

    • Fang Sheng

      Don’t have any of the epics you said 🙁

      • WestPKMN

        Yeah, like I said that’s the only downside

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share my friend! I hope other players will find this helpful!

    • Muguet

      “Musketeer takes care of Minion horde”. It does not. It may kill 3-4 of them but it won’t destroy all of them. Use Arrows / Fireball for that job instead. Either ways you go, to lure the Prince use Skeleton, it’s a better pick in my opinion as they are four, allow you to cycle through the cards so you can have the 7 others faster and given they are spawned as four they can keep the prince distracted for longer. I can see the Musketeer’s usefulness but never have I seen it able to take on Minion Horde. Very nice Deck though 😀
      I may try it when I get PEKKA and Balloon

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for the great share on Clash Royale Arena Muguet! I really appreciate it!

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    I am in Arena 7 could i still use this deck? Looks promising!

    • Will Potter

      Of course, you can use this deck in Arena 7 for sure. Just did a few tests and everything was very nice so far!

      • Muguet

        Wow it works there too! 😀
        I’m on my way hahaha, just need to upgrade them cards

    • Muguet

      Thank you very much sir! It makes me feel honored to see Arena 7 players using this Deck 🙂
      I have seen little Huts in higher competitive grounds, so you may want to try other strategies if doesn’t work anymore (I cannot tell, not there yet) like Dual Prince, Freeze Hog / Balloon etc
      Will posted lots of great decks too, check them! 😀

  • aleander clash

    nice deck… tried it worked. out of 3 battles 2-win 1-loss. I don’t know but I can’t simply get to arena 6. As soon as I near arena 6 I start to loose against heavy players (maxed cards and exact counter for my deck). it’s been a week still stuck at 1600 trophies. I go up and BAM loss… Anyways all your decks work great if played correctly. I always try your decks it’s fun to try new decks.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much buddy. Glad to see your comment in every page!
      Me too. I really like testing decks!

    • Muguet

      You may want to have higher level cards to reach Arena 6. I’m peaking 1588 with this Deck currently, but I’m missing the level 7 Barbarians and Minion Horde. If you face difficulties, try the following:
      Replacing the Bomber / Arrow with Freeze
      Replacing the Prince (if not level 2) with Level 5 minimum Hog Rider
      Upgrade your Hut
      If it doesn’t quite work, then you’re probably better using another Deck, less based on disruptive and control strategies. Try siege (Mortar / Xbow / Aggro) or balance 🙂

      • Muguet

        Will posted a ton of good Decks, you may want to take a look at them 😀

  • King Pow

    well said:]

    • Will Potter


  • CrunchyChoco

    Will this is my deck for arena 3 that i wanted to share when i posted in the best goblin barrel deck and this works magic i played 12 games and i only lost 2 but still managed to get 1 tower down

    heres the deck

    Dragon Balloon Rage spell
    Barbarians mini pekka
    Spear goblins
    Valkyrie and arrows

    Your main push should be dragon then when you have 8-9 elixir place balloon and rage when you dragon gets to the bridge

    when your opponent attacks you place barbarians and your Valkyrie or mini Topeka depending on the hp of the troop or both and that’s a great counter push to get a tower down that’s how i won the last match of arena 3

    deck counters :

    spawner deck of this is a common deck you will see especially with the annoying with witch and the damage boost

    so here’s counter barbarians in the front and Valkyrie in the middle to wreck them and you can build up on them

    giant skeleton deck

    counter barbarians and mini pekka and spear goblins in case of air troops that support

  • Muguet

    Ohh that’s my deck 😀
    I’m honored to see it posted. Glad for everyone who are enjoying that Deck of mine! :))
    Also I’m no longer in EL TORROZ if you care, moved on to 301 not found.

  • jchen5012

    Hey, can you make me a good arena 4 deck with my cards. (sorry) i just entered arena 4.
    Giant Skelly lv1
    Prince lv1
    Lightning lv2
    Baby Dragon lv2
    Goblin Barrel lv2
    Barb Huts lv3
    Goblins lv5
    Spear Gobs lv5
    Arrows lv5
    Minions lv6
    Bomber lv6
    Knight lv 4-5
    Bomb Tower lv2 (can be 3)
    Rocket lv3
    Barbs lv5
    Skeletons lv5
    Tombstone lv3
    Musketeer lv3
    Goblin Huts lv3
    Archers lv5
    Fireball lv2(can be 3)
    Giant lv2 (can be 3)
    and that’s about it. Thanks!

    • jchen5012

      oh yeah,
      valkryie lv3
      mini pekkas lv3
      and some other stuff. xD

      • jchen5012


    • Muguet

      Archers / Bomber
      Spear Goblin / Bomber
      Bomb Tower (upgrade it)

      Wait for them to make the moves, and play your cards to counter their push. If you can pull off a good elixir trade, start pushing. I’ll give you an example of good Elixir tradeoff:
      Baby Dragon VS Witch + Minion Horde (once they leave the bridge drop your Dragon a bit in the center, to lure in Witch and Minions. His area damage should be able to kill the Minion Horde and the Witch’s skeleton; she will die to the tower and while your dragon should die you got a lead of 6 elixir)
      Barbarians should be the tankers of this Deck. Archers and Spear Goblins aren’t both necessary, you can use a Bomber instead of one of them. If you do that, you may want to use Mini PEKKA instead of Valkyrie too. Valkyrie and Bomber have the same role, in eliminating huge swarms; but she is bulkier than the skull but more expensive. Dragon can take on the Air troops like Minion Horde, something which both Valk and Bomber can’t do. Arrows can remove cards such as goblins, minions and skeletons; Musketeer deals a lot of damage. Play smart with this Deck and tell me what’s wrong if it does not work. Good Luck.

      • jchen5012

        Muguet, your prince deck is great. But do you have any other good arena 4 decks? I currently have all cards in arena 1-4 except rage.

  • Ace Kun

    My deck that I use from the beginning until now. Currently at Arena 5 with 1500+ trophies.
    Knight lvl7
    Spear Goblin lvl7
    Minion Horde lvl5
    Dragon lvl2
    Valk lvl 5
    Giant lvl5
    Musketeer lvl5
    Witch lvl2

  • 陈丞豪

    Hey, I wanna ask that cans I switch the inferno tower to the bomb tower? I am currently at arena 4 but when I reach like 1290-1300 trophies, I always meet those lvl 7 player(I am currently lvl6) and lose.

    • 陈丞豪

      What if inferno tower meet those spawner deck?

      • 陈丞豪

        Hope u can reply my question, cuz I want to get to arena 5 and get my favorite card the wizard lol (I would be fully appreciate if u reply my comment)

    • Will Potter

      Hey dude! It’s up to you man! If you are facing a lot of Hut spammers, you can use Bomb Tower! No problem at all!

    • Muguet

      To be honest, I never needed the Bomb Tower in Arena 4, but whatever floats your boat.

  • herro

    I used this deck and i have not lost yet.
    minion horde
    inferno tower
    rage spell
    (any direct damage card of your choice. i use the rocket or fireball)

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing mate!

  • the EPiC mix

    This deck honestly sucks

    • Will Potter


    • Muguet

      You know what sucks? People who affirm something without supporting their statement.
      Why do you think this Deck sucks? I peaked 1784 with it, not that terrible for someone who plays very little right?

      • Will Potter

        Well said Muguet!

      • jchen5012

        nice burn! Even though I didn’t go to spell valley, i got a new pekkas playhouse highscore with this deck! Rock On!
        That could be because my inferno tower is lv5 and op as crap.

  • Max Lang

    Just tried this, love it!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much buddy!

  • Ezz

    This deck is amazing! I used it to push from 1100 to 2170 and now I’m in arena 7!

    • Will Potter

      xD I hope you can even push to 2500+ trophies with it! Good luck mate!

    • Muguet

      Excellent job! I’m so glad to hear this! As the author of this Deck I’m honored 😀

  • Dr Pain

    Hey will can U please tell a arena 3 deck that I can use to push
    I don’t have witch,xbow,giant skeleton, rage.

  • PosterBoy

    So far, this has been the deck that I mostly use. It’s well balanced. The only downside is if you face a really good hut deck. But other than that, this is the deck that I got most wins. I only wish my cards were a little bit higher level. But that’s what I’m focusing on right now.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very very much! I really appreciate it!

  • Trump Wall

    The deck I use is with arena 4 troops and got me to arena 6, i only got 5 losses with all the games i played. Check it out:


    must the prince be lv 1 or 2? can i use lv 3 lol


    This deck did not work for me at all. 27 losses,3 wins,8 draws

    • Will Potter

      Did you do any practice before using it in real matches?
      What is your main problem while using this deck?
      Are your card levels good enough?

      Thank you man!

      • VG KNIGHT

        Thanks for the concern. I guess it was because of swarms, anyways, I used a modified version of the deck. I replaced the inferno tower which was level 1, with my level 5 bomb tower. I also added the witch and made a few other replacements and experienced only 3 losses and a whole lot of wins

  • Keoje

    Not sure if you’ll read this OP but I’ve had a lot of success with this deck(freeze edition) in the first few games. I have had success against people 2 levels above me who even have Epic Lv3 haha. Thanks a lot! If you see this message, are there any modifications as you raise upwards in arenas with new cards or do you keep the same?

    • Will Potter

      Hey Keoje,
      Personally I have found that this deck working fine on higher Arenas. Congrats! I am so glad to read your comment!

  • Clash of ash

    I see that you have an amazing decks! and all of tham got very good comments!
    but… which one to use? what do you recomend for arena 4 and which level my troops need to be in order the deck for sucsses?
    BTW, all of your decks are awesome!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much mate,
      You can use all decks I posted, for sure!