Arena 3 Giant Deck: Easily Push to Arena 7

Hello guys, today I am very excited to give you this awesome new Arena 3 Deck which has been working extremely well and been helping me pushed my alternative account from Arena 3 to 200+ trophies (Arena 7). This Arena 3 Deck was shares by Sarvesh. It is for all free to play players since it mostly uses Common and Rare Cards. This is a beatdown deck that revolves around Giant Push and gaining Elixir Advantage.

Arena 3 Giant Deck

Arena 3 Giant Deck: Easily Push to Arena 7

The use of cards

Giant: Obviously Giant is the only main tanker of this Deck. If you don’t have enough Elixir to launch a decent push with Giant, drop him behind your King’s Tower so by the time it reaches the bridge, you can have 2-3 back up cards behind him. He is mostly used on offense but sometimes he is also pretty useful on defense for soaking damage.

Musketeer: She is one of the main damage dealer in this Deck. With her solid damage, you can deal a ton of damage to the opponent’s tower If she has a nice protection. She also can 1 shot Goblin, Spear Goblin, Minion and overrange Cannon. I also love using her to counter Baby Dragon for a nice trade. You always want to play her later. Using her a bit later is always better than place her too close to your Giant (your opponent will use Barbarians/Goblins/Swarms and get rid of her with ease).

Arrows: Needless to say, Arrows is one of the most useful cards in Clash Royale which can help you easily deal with any sneak attack of Goblin Barrel, Minion Horde,… Most of the time I don’t use Arrows on offense as my troops can kill the enemy troops before Arrow reach. It would be a big waste unless your opponent drop his swarm behind the tower and far from yours. Also, sometimes, your opponent wants to bait your Arrows out by using Goblin Horde.

Valkyrie: What? For real??? She is useless!
Yea, she may be useless in other Decks but not this one as she is the main unit in this Deck that gives you a lot of Elixir Advantage. For example, Giant + Musketeer + Wizard is a popular push in Clash Royale. If your opponent uses this combo, simply drop your Valkyries in Wizard + Musketeer and Barbarians on Giant. That’s 9 Elixir for 14 Elixir.
If you are in Arena 4 or below, she is very helpful in these Arenas since most players use Giant push deck here. Simply drop her on the enemy support back line as soon as they cross the river and you will be fine.
On offense, you may want to use Valkyrie with your Giant to deal with any Skeleton Army, Barbarians, Goblins,…

Spear Goblins: This is a very versatile card that can be effectively used on both offense and defense for positive Elixir trades. On offense, I usually drop them on my Musketeer immediately once she crosses the river to protect her from Barbarians, Goblins,… Basically Spear Goblins are the handymen of this deck. If the opponent use Mini PEKKA, stall her with Spear Goblins. If the opponent use P.E.K.K.A, use them to tank 3 hits and give your Barbarians enough time to kill her.

Barbarians: This is a solid defensive card which can be effectively used in all Decks. Just make sure your Barbarians are strong enough so your opponent can’t easily 1 hit them with Fireball. As mentioned before, if your opponent launches a Giant push with Wizard and Musketeer, use your Valkyrie on backup troops first then Barbarians on Giant. Barbarians will tear through any tanker If they have enough protection.
Although they can deal a lot of damage to Tower but are pretty easy to be countered. Don’t use them on offense unless you have a lot of more Elixir than the opponent and are always ready to deal with his counters.


Rage: This case will usually happen when you use this Deck: After pushing, only you Musketeer and Spear Goblins survive and they are hitting the Tower. You have only 3 Elixir and Rage is on your hand. Would you use Rage? Don’t! You just can deal a bit more of damage with Rage and it’s such a waste. Also, using Rage badly will show commitment and invite counter play.
Normally I would use Rage when having x2 Elixir, when you can drop lots of troops down and still have enough Elixir to spend on Rage.
If you spend 15 Elixir on a big push and your opponent uses 15 Elixir to depend, it’s not really good to use Rage to take a upper hand because of the positioning advantage. Your opponent could drop his troops anywhere and could take down your backup troops first.

Baby Dragon: A nice card which can be effectively used in most Decks. If you have enough Elixir to launch a big push with Baby Dragon, Valkyrie and Giant, even If your Giant gets taken down, you can still deal a ton of damage.


On Offense, Giant + Baby Dragon + Valkyrie + Musketeer is the core setup of your pushes. You may want to keep your Valkyrie very close to Giant and Musketeer 3-4 tiles behind. If your opponent doesn’t play any card once your Giant has crosses the river and has passed a few tiles, It’s time you should drop Spear Goblins on your Musketeer as it’s most likely he is waiting to kill your Musketeer.

On Defense, Barbarians, Valkyrie and their combos are enough to deal with most split pushes. Musketeer and Baby Dragon can be additionally used to deal with big pushes. As mentioned before, your Barbarians should be used for only defending.


Hog + Freeze: This is a very strong and popular combo. Using Barbarians to deal with Hogs first is not a bad idea as your opponent would react by wasting a card to take down your Barbarians.
Spawn your Barbarians next to your Tower one Hog as soon as you see the Hog. They can hit the Hogs at least 2 times before getting freeze. Ready to use your Spear Goblins immediately once the opponent drops the Freeze. If you don’t have Spear Goblins, Musketeer or Valkyrie should be okay. We traded 8 Elixir and a few hits on the tower with 7 Elixir, but our troops are untouched. This is a pretty nice trade truly.

X-Bow Decks: Although X-Bow have been nerfed a lot but a lot of players are still using this strategy.
If the opponent sets up his X-Bow and defenses at the start, I usually drops the Giant next to my Tower, on the other land and start rushing.

Golem + Wizard: It’s the same as Giant push, use your Valkyrie to take town Wizard behind and use your Barbarians to take town Golem.

Dual Prince: Use Spear Goblins to break their charges then use Barbarians on them.

Ok guys I hope you like this deck. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help. Love you guys!

  • aimos

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but i think you said this deck only contains rare and common cards. Isn’t the baby drag and rage spell Epic?!

    • Adam

      Yeah lol. Also you said this helped you push your account to 200+ trophies, aka arena 7. I’m guessing you meant 2000.

      • Nashaat

        dude the article was so good and you are looking only at the mistakes

        • Adam

          Sorry, I know the article was really good I’m pointing out the typos on purpouse so that Will can fix them.

    • Will Potter

      Yea that’s my bad. Thank you mate :D. I’m gonna update this!

  • Druid FYM

    Any card to replace rage?

    • Will Potter

      You can replace it with Fireball or even Rocket If you want. It’s up to you but Rage is still the best IMO.

      • xCheetaZx

        I replaced it with Minion Horde and it works pretty good, as it is a really good counter to balloons.

        • Will Potter

          Very nice! Thanks for sharing buddy! Glad to hear that you are using this deck :D.

  • aleander clash

    no rage… how about lightning??? But i built this deck of mine. Its super powerful… “IF PLAYED CORRECTLY”. i just want it to share with u guys. My record out of 10 battles 7-win 1-draw and 2-loss(internet disconnection). it can go against heavy hitter against like prince dragon deck. below is the screen shot. Supercell should do something about this disconnection problem. If it happens the whole match should be forfeited. Some of us has poor network.

    • Rómulo Escobar

      Nice level 3 Witch

      • aleander clash

        Yeah. Every time she is available in shop I buy it. She is such badass

        • Rómulo Escobar

          I always want to do that, but only Giant skel and dirty xbows in shop…

        • Will Potter

          Badass Witch lol.

    • Adam

      I agree like heck, more than half of the battles I lose with almost any deck are because of my stupid internet problems. Not like CoC where you can keep on placing troops and if you regain internet in 1 minute you are still fine.

    • Will Potter

      Yea you can somehow use Lightning instead of Rage in this Deck. Your record is very awesome man. That’s all I can say :D.
      Thank you mate! Your comment helps this blog a lot!

      • aleander clash

        Anytime, I learned a lot from ur website But didn’t find this website quicker. I messed my first account so started my second account in clash royale and followed ur tips n guides. I just crossed 1300 trophies and things r getting difficult. Mostly I get the match draw. Haven’t won any in long timr. I think it’s time for change.

        • Will Potter

          I’m very glad to hear that. Please be one of the most awesome visitor of this blog xD lol.
          Also, can you share your battle logs? I think I can help you after watching them 😀

  • Rómulo Escobar

    So you’re hopping that the new buff for Rage Spell and Valkyrie will make a difference? Well, I will try the new walky and rage spell for sure. But try this deck after balance update, would be better.

    • Will Potter

      I am looking for your great results with this Deck dude!

      • Rómulo Escobar

        Still looking for Valkyries, mine is at level 3, but yesterday I had some interesting matches against guys who use Valky and Rage spell, it looks solid, I could replace my goblin barrel probably for Valky and try a massive push with giant and witch

        • Will Potter

          LOL yea. That’s not bad at all!

  • cifroes

    5 by 5 losses on arena 3… Not able to protect from balloons + dragon for example. I find it very hard to defend with this one. Giant is very easily countered so you also get 0 offense.

    • Adam

      Not easy to counter if you place a Musketeer behind it and you have arrows ready.

    • Ciano

      I usually counter push the Drag + Baloon with Drag + Musk.

      • Will Potter

        Me too. Musketeer is one of the best cards to counter Dragons.

    • Randy Meador

      There’s like 4 possibilities to help counter those with in this deck…

  • aleander clash

    can you share a replay of this deck? it will really help to understand its execution. thanks. keep up the good work

    • Will Potter

      I am working on it. Gonna upload it as soon as possible mate!

  • sepehr pirhayati

    i want a deck with prince for reach arena 6 my deck is:musketeer,prince,barbarian,minionhorde,tesla,and goblin(spare) and arrow but i think something is wrong in this deck,please help me 😀 thanks!

    • Will Potter

      I strongly believe you need a damage dealing spell card such as Lightning, Fireball or Rocket.

  • Casey Chong

    I got to Arena 7 with lvl 4 musketeer, lvl 6 goblins, lvl 6 arrows, lvl 4 fireball, lvl 4 tombstone, lvl 2 witch, lvl 6 barbs and lvl 2 goblin barrel. All the cards counter basically everything when played correctly and barrels are meant against those teslas/ bomb towers or ones without arrow/zap/fireball or just playing around them

    • Will Potter

      Awesome. Thank you very much for sharing this buddy!

  • Courier_6

    No offense, but this deck is kinda bad.

    I have a good one that I would like you to try out. I can write out a full guide since I’m practically an expert on it now. I used that deck from Arena 1 all the way to Arena 7, no joke.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Can you write and send it to me via the Facebook fanpage? I would love to post it!

      • Courier_6

        Sure. The only problem is that I haven’t fully tested it against all decks.

        • Will Potter

          Oh I see it :D. What is your current trophies now buddy?

          • Courier_6

            1500, but that’s because I’m not using that deck XD. The deck is inconsistent in Arena 6+ so I’m trying to push without it. I suck at other decks though. Working on a guide right now

          • Will Potter

            So sweet xD

          • Courier_6

            Should I message the Facebook page?
            I’m not done with the guide though

          • Erick



    this deck is awful! ive tested it and i downed until 1400!(when i was testing this deck i had 1590 trophy! i couldnt play with this deck!however,maybe i couldnt play with this deck, i put barracks and goblin but in the diffrent line enemy put prince or mini pekka or giant skeleton, waht should i do?:| put 4 skeleton for giant skeleton?:| or put knight for this??:| i think this deck needs some support tropps or some troops for defend for example if enemy put giant and muskeeter and goblin you can do nothing! i think best deck for arena 5 and reach to arena 6 or higher is:prince and support troops-or giant with support troops,!(this was my experience from this deck,maybe other players can get better result!)

  • Gsus4 2402

    Any card suggestion to replace the dragon? Ive been playing a lot but unable to unlock it.

    • Will Potter

      Hello dude. Can you try to replace him with Bomber?

    • Joshua Lao

      I guess a bomber can replace it because of it’s splash damage, but the bomber’s health is kinda low,

  • Aditya kore

    I am at arena 4 I haven’t got witch, skeleton army and giant skeleton. I am finding it hard to get them how wi

  • Hefaestus

    Hey, 5 out of the 8 cards in this deck are only level 1-2 for me. Got any other arena 3 decks I can try out?

    • Will Potter

      Most decks I posted on requires cards from Arena 3 and below. You should give them a try mate!

      • Hefaestus

        Seems I need to look more at the replacement cards for each deck. I was originally not looking at them because they each had 1-2 cards that were from arena 4+, but it looks like there are replacement cards in most cases. Thanks

  • Tiggy

    Hello since i dont have baby dragon and Freeze spell i was wondering if someone could make a deck for me.
    My cards:
    Bomber LVL6
    Arrows lvl 6
    Musketeer lvl 3
    Cannon LVL 5
    Tomb Stone lvl 2
    Barbarians LVL 6
    Prince LVL 2
    Spear Golbins LVL 6
    Knight LVL 6
    Archers LVL 6
    Goblins LVL 6
    Giant LVL 3
    Valkyre LVL 4
    Mini-Pekka lvl 4
    Goblin Hut LVL 4
    Fireball LVL 3
    Goblin Barrel lvl 1
    Ligtning Spell LVL 2
    Minions LVL 5
    Skeletons LVL5
    Bomg Tower LVL 4
    Balloon LVL 1
    Giant-Skeleton LVL 1
    Barbarian Hut LVL 3
    Rocket LVL 3
    Minion Horde LVL 4
    Tesla LVL 4
    Hog Rider LVL 2
    Inferno Tower LVL 2
    Thank You!

    • Wismar Zanella

      Try using your most evolved cards (lvl 6 common, lvl 4 rare, lvl 2 epic), which are kinda equivalent.

      As you have lots of options, I’d try:

      Mini-pekka + Valkyrie + goblins hut + spear goblins + barbarians + arrows + lightning spell

      And the 8th card is up to you, if you want an offensive strategy, use the Prince (but use it carefully). If you want to ensure that no air enemies will put you in trouble (especially Baloon and Baby Dragon), use the Musketeer, but make it to lvl 4 asap. If you play defensive, you could try the Bomb Tower, since it’s already on lvl 4.

  • Andreas Ø Madsen

    Very nice deck, just played 13 games, where i had 2 draws, 1 loose and 10 wins 😀

    • Will Potter

      This is awesome! Hope other players can read this comment :D.

  • Khoa Dang

    I dont have baby dragon nor rage spell. What should I replace them with?

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      You can try to replace Baby Dragon with Wizard or Bomber. You also can replace Rage with any other damage dealing cards (Fireball, Arrows,…). Good luck with this deck further!

  • A human being

    This is my inventory, could anyone suggest a deck for me, I’ve been on a losing streak

  • Kevin Burke

    Any suggestions if you do not have any of these cards in you deck or inventory?

    • Will Potter

      You have 2 options:

      1. Buy them.
      2. Use other decks.

  • Harmony C

    Can someone please help me make a really good deck? I’m on a losing streak and idk what to do. Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      I have posted a lot of good decks. You should give them a try!

  • King Of Clash

    A good offense combo is prince + goblin barrel. Put prince down then when tower locks on to prince put goblin barrel on tower. Gets me a star every time I’ve used it. My record with it is 23 wins 1 tie and 2 losses.

    • Will Potter

      Wow your record is very impressive buddy! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

      • King Of Clash

        Thanks. The deck has already gotten me to arena 3 and I started 2 days ago

  • xCheetaZx

    How would you counter a spawner deck with this? I have been facing a lot of those (not with this deck) and it has been annoying me big time. Any Suggestions?

    • Muguet

      The Valkyrie can take on said spawned units from all the huts. Push the other side while keeping some Elixir so that you can still take on the goblin / barbarian / skeleton spam via Arrows and Valkyrie. Be content with 1 crown against such decks. If anything try Lightning instead of Rage; may make the Deck very expensive though.

  • Gijs van ‘t Ende


    I found this a really great deck but I don’t have rage and thought that arrows weren’t necesarry to the deck because you already have the Witch and the Valkyrie that do area damage. So I built a deck that’s a little bit different. But if you want to have a good deck you need a spell so I used Fireball.

    The giant is too slow and doesn’t work for me and the best card for offensive use is IMO the Prince. I first lost 300 trophies but now I’m back at 1166 because of this deck. The deck that I created is based on this one, but with some modifications, the average elixer cost is 4.1 which isn’t too high.

    The advantage of this deck is that most of the cards can be used in offensive but at the same time in defence as well. Such as Barbarians and Witch, so you can’t really screw everything up when you don’t have defensive troops in your selection while your under attack.

    Offensive troops:
    Prince, can be used to push and to counter-attack.
    Musketeer, has a long range which can be used in advantage when you put it behind a Prince or offensive troop. Does a lot of damage as well. ( If used properly!! )

    Defensive troops:
    Spear Goblins, can be used against tanks and one-troops, I mainly use it because of the low elixer cost.
    Fireball, can be used to stop troops like Skeleton Armies and big groups of troops in general. Some people use Fireball as offensive, but I won’t recommend that.

    Offensive/defensive troops:
    Valkyrie, can be used against Barbarians and Skeleton Army.
    Baby Dragon, can be used against troops with ground reach only.
    Barbarians, can be used against one-troops e.g. Prince or Mini-P.E.K.K.A
    Witch, can be used to just stop ground troops and kill them while they’re killing the Witch’s skeletons. A great advantage is that the Witch attacks ground an air troops.

    (What I wrote above is all my opinion and if you disagree say it to me!)

    I hope I helped you with this comment and you can use this deck as well!

    • Gijs van ‘t Ende

      The image didn’t work and couldn’t upload…
      Here it is!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share Gijs.
      I can’t say anything more than Thank you!
      This is one of the best comments I have read on CRA so far :D.

  • Tian Wee Leng

    Someone help me make a deck? I have

    Lvl 4 Giant

    Lvl 5 Archers

    Lvl 5 Bomber

    Lvl 5 Spear Goblins

    Lvl 4 Mini PEKKA

    Lvl 3 Fireball

    Lvl 5 Arrows

    Lvl 1 Prince

    Lvl 5 Knight

    Lvl 5 Goblins

    Lvl 2 Valkyrie

    Lvl 2 Musketeer

    Lvl 2 Skeleton Amry

    Lvl 2 Goblin Hut

    Lvl 5 Minions

    Lvl 4 Skeletons (Can be upgraded)

    Lvl 2 Bomb Tower (Can be upgraded)

    Lvl 3 Tombstone

    Lvl 5 Barbarians

    Lvl 4 Cannon (Can be upgraded)

    Lvl 2 Brbarian hut

    Lvl 2 Rocket (Can be upgraded)

    I can’t seem to pass 1100 trophies =(

    Please help me! Thank you! I want to win!

    • Fang Sheng

      Arrows, Both Goblins, Cannon, Barbarians, Skeletons, Musketeer, Minions (Minion Horde when you get there). This is a swarm deck that I use, you play defence until the 2x elixir comes, then swarm a tower. This deck counters big troops like Giant, Prince, Giant Skeleton etc. Arrows is a counter to Hordes and Armies. REMEMBER: You will rarely get 3 crown wins. Once you get 1 tower, be happy. If you really think you can, push for a 2 or 3 crown victory. Reply if you have a question or query, or more counter info? 🙂

      • Tian Wee Leng

        Thank you so much! I will try it now 🙂

        • Tian Wee Leng

          Still got overcome by stronger melee characters. 🙁

          • Fang Sheng

            What arena are you? And what characters?
            I have little trouble fighting big troops, unless they have support from behind, in that case i would wait before placing sometroops behind or to the side to take out the troops

          • Fang Sheng

            Arena 5 and upwards gets a little tricky, since they have access to wizard, oh and also. If you are obviouslyabout to lose, try to push for a draw. Getting nothing is better than losing!

  • Will Potter

    Awesome Neil! Thank you very very much for sharing this!

  • Hudson Hintze

    What should I use instead of the rage spell since I don’t have it yet?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Hudson,
      you can try to replace it with Fireball or Zap :D.

      • xCrGaming

        Honestly, I use a similar deck in arena 6 and I find the rage spell a key component of this deck. When you the rage with a giant you can do massive damage.

  • Ju.theoriginal

    this deck was amazing but instead of arrows i used fireball and i didnt use rage so i the prince but i think i am gonna switch switch musketeer bc i found baby dragon was more helpful on defense

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share mate! I really appreciate it!

  • farhan saeed

    Share your replay

  • Jonte Peake

    So I just made a deck with that but instead it uses mini pekka and it pushes nice so I like it

    • Will Potter

      Nice. I am very glad to hear this man. Congrats!

  • SaintGibon Gaming

    thanks man

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome buddy!


    must i use valkrie

    • PRathu

      You could use a bomber if valk is not working, but the valk is recommended

  • PRathu

    Im in arena 5 and im trying out a new deck. It is
    Spear goblins
    Fire Spirits
    Minnion Horde
    It is similar to the tournament champion Jason’s deck
    Any suggestions

    • Will Potter

      Seems a good one! How are you doing with it man?

      • PRathu

        Umm…I sort of got a new deck that works really good, so I stopped using it, but I won 5 battles and lost once so in my opinion it was a pretty good deck for me, but you have to get used to using it first

  • Louis Trần

    In my opinion, Dragon should be replaced by Infenal tower or Mini Pekka. Because Rage + mini pekka that is so crazy !!! For infernal tower, you can defeat better.

    • Will Potter

      Truly I don’t face much “Mini P.E.K.K.A + Rage” deck out there. But, Yes, we can somehow replace either Barbarians or Baby Dragon with a Tower xD.

  • Jonathan Boshoff

    This looks really good and solid, definitely going to give it a try. Hope it works out.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot! Please comment If you need any help!

  • EagleSniper

    Awesome deck Will! I really had a hard time before getting to arena 4 from 3 but thanks to you, i got to arena 4 😀 Your deck is the best

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot buddy! Good luck!