Arena 3 Deck: The Best Deck without Prince

As I have been received a lot of requests for Arena 3 Deck that doesn’t require Prince, today I’m going to introduce with you a nice deck which has a good balance of offensive and defensive cards. I have been testing this deck with my alternative level 4 account and the win rate is above 80%. I successfully pushed to Arena 5 with this deck after 2 days. The author of this deck, voltrics, has even 100% win rate with this deck. Sounds great?

Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck

Possible Substitutes:

  • Spear Goblins = Archers.
  • Arrows = Fireball.
  • Baby Dragon = Musketeer/Minion Horde/Minions/Valkyrie.
  • Knight = Mini P.E.K.K.A.

The best Arena 3 Deck with X-Bow

I will try to keep this post as simple as possible since I have posted the ways to uses these cards (as well as the strategies) a lot of times on Clash Royale Arena. You can take a quick look at my previous posts


Treat your Towers as your troops and use them to your advantage. Don’t immediately counter your opponent’s attacks! Wait until those troops come to your side then start dealing with them with the help of your Towers. Always try to deal with opponent’s pushes with less Elixir costs to gain Elixir Advantage and then launch a massive push. You can also watch some featured replays below for more details!

For new players, I strongly recommend reading these posts: 4 Most Important Tips for New Players, How to lure troops properly and How to gain Elixir Advantage.

How to deal with some popular troops

  • Prince/Hog: Drop Spear Goblins/Goblins/Knight/Tombstone in the middle to soak damage and prevent them from hit your tower.
  • Witch: Once she has crosses the bridge, drop you Knight on top of her. If there are other Goblins/Archers/Skeletons, drop your Baby Dragon or Bomber right after your Knight.
  • Balloon: Use air targeting units (Baby Dragon/Spear Goblins) to deal with it. If you don’t have both of them on your hands, drop Tombstone in the middle to lure the Balloon and pay more time for your Towers. If you know that your opponent has Balloon, save at least one of these cards so you can deal with it anytime. Just 1 Balloon can destroy your Tower so you need to be ready all the time!
  • Giant Skeleton: Play Goblins/Spear Goblins/Tombstone/Knight in the middle of your side in order to lure it and pay more time.
  • Baby Dragon: You can use your own Baby Dragon to counter Baby Dragon in your side, your Tower can deal a lot of additional damage and your Baby Dragon will survive with half HP. You may also want to use your Spear Goblins If you don’t have Dragon but just use them when the Baby Dragon start hitting your Tower. Drop your Spear Goblins behind it, don’t place your Spear Goblins next to your Tower or to take damage because Baby Dragon can 1 hit them with splash damage.
  • Giant: Once the Giant has crosses the bridge, drop your Goblins/Spear Goblins/Knight/Baby Dragon to quickly take it down. You may also want to use Arrows to take down support troops following the Giant.
  • Minion Horde/Goblin Barrel: Use Arrows to take down down quickly and get position Elixir trade. But be careful as sometimes your opponent wants to bait your Arrows out.
  • Valkyrie/Musketeer: Knight and Spear Goblins are the best choices to deal with them. Drop your troops once they have crosses the bridge.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: This is the same as above but you can also use Goblins and Tombstone.
  • Skeleton Army? We have Bomber and Arrows!
  • Barbarians? You have Bomber, Baby Dragon and Spear Goblins.
  • X-Bow: Use your swarms to deal with the X-Bow and other troops to deal with the support troops wisely.

Arena 3 Deck Battle Logs


As I also have received a lot of requests for battle logs, here you go guys!

Level 4 Vs. Level 5 – Counter X-Bow and Giant pushes

Level 4 Vs. Level 6 – Counter Prince, Goblin Barrel and Balloon

Level 4 Vs. Level 7 – Counter Giant and Hog

Okay guys thank you very much for reading! I hope you like this new Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck! Do you have any suggestion or question? Don’t hesitate to ask me!

  • The swag D

    Guys look at the second replay. Is this a glitch as all my friends watched this replay And it still shows 1.And now I can’t even watch it

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy! I hope Supercell will find a way to fix it soon!

  • asndas

    This is great, I’m not used to playing with this deck, several draws few victories few defeats, but it’s great for arena 3.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great feedback buddy!

  • Bhaala Natarajen

    Will, you should have posted this deck before I got the prince using gems. Lol. Great deck. I tried it with my alternate account and I went to arena 4 in level 3

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share and I am so sorry about that buddy. Gonna do my best to post more decks soon!

  • Lucas BeAben

    Give Us a arena 8 deckkkk

    • Will Potter

      I have posted a very nice Arena 8 deck. Did you try it mate?

      • Lucas BeAben

        Hog freeze ?

        • Will Potter

          Yes, that one!

  • sothaticanpost

    unfortunately for me i lost much more times using this build. What i have observed is that it lacks anti air, relying on goblin spearmen and expensive baby dragon just to counter attack. One witch also defeats a single wave of tombstone skeletons. I have also encountered someone who used goblim hats but his hats overwhelmed my tombstones.

    • Will Potter

      This is a very cheap deck and you can cycle it pretty fast. Also, I haven’t seen many decent air decks in Arena 1-4 for sure.

  • show1337

    Nice deck!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you 😀

  • Matthew Tanner

    Not a good deck at all, the win ratio is about 35-40%. It’s main issue is lack of counters to air and the inability to handle swarms of double Giants. You at wmuch better off at this level of arena to run bombers with giant and sprears and army along with dragon.

  • Monad

    Could you please post this:

    Arena 7 Deck: Mirrored Push
    This deck is an extremely fun deck to play as it involves using mirror to have 2 baby dragons or giants on the field for an extremely strong push toward the last minute. This deck focuses on simply counter-playing early game until the 1 minute sped up period where you throw out the deadly double baby dragon/mirror combo. One could easily get to the 2300 trophy range with this deck with lv7 commons, lv5 rares and lv2 epics.
    Spear Goblins
    While one may argue that archers are pretty sweet after the update, spear goblins fit better into this deck because of its low elixir cost and so therefore, quick rotation. Spear goblins allow you to deal decent damage to enemy air troops like Baby Dragons or Buildings from a distance as long as you have one of the 4 tanky cards in this deck out (baby drag, valkyrie, giant, barbarians). Spear goblins are your main offensive dps tool behind your tank. You will want to drop them quite a distance and while after you drop your tanks so it can stay longer and deal more damage. Spear goblins also serve well defensively against enemy pushes or Princes. I would recommenced that one does not waste a mirror on spear goblins because you would not usually be getting value.
    While other decks may start the battle or prevent hovering at 10 mana by placing spear goblins either at the very back or very front, i would advise that one places an all round card like baby dragon or valkyrie instead.
    Arrows is such a versatile card and one of the most popular cards in the game for a good reason. It destroys minion hordes, skeleton armies, goblins, goblin barrels and EVEN CAN BE USED TO DESTROY TOWERS in those 70 health till win scenarios. You might be thinking: But Monad, zap can do most of this too and is lower in cost to provide rotations! The thing is, with this deck, zap is a little too weak but the main factor is the range and area that arrows covers that makes it triumph over zap.
    When you make a push, always have your hands hovering over arrows just in case of that pesky minion horde.
    Baby Dragon
    Everybody loves baby dragons. They are tanky. They do splash damage. They fly. Undoubtedly one the best cards in the game, it and mirror are the staple cards of this deck.
    Baby Dragon easily takes care swarms against Hut Decks. Baby Dragon is also such a necessity in this deck in dealing with bomb towers, or cannons because it is the only flying troop.
    Play Baby Dragon first.
    With the baby dragon, mirror is 5 mana. Use mirror ideally only for baby dragon but sometimes double giant is also a force to be reckoned with. You should use mirror to completely overwhelm your opponent in the last minute.
    Everybody loves Valkyries right? No? With the 10% damage and health buff this recent patch, Valkyrie has become a high damage splash ground tank. She is the situational alternative to fireball in this deck but what makes her so good is that she directly counters enemy spear gobs and sets up the next push. You wouldn’t fireball or arrows 3 measly spear goblins but left alone they can poke quite a lot of damage to your tower. So you drop Valkyrie to instantly deal with them, setting up the next push with maybe a baby dragon and musketeer.
    Even a single valkyrie is hard to deal with because of its sheer all-round power.
    Giant is the best tank in the game. Before you all shout Golem, note that Giant has more health per elixir relative to Golems. Before you all shout Golem explosion damage, note that Giant only has a 1 second deploy time instead of that super long golem countdown timer. Before you all shout Golemites, note that Giant once placed immediately starts pushing enemies back. When that happens, it’s awesome.
    When you launch a push, to really secure the tower you need a Giant because you need 1 troop that’s focused on 1 thing, winning.
    High HP and DPS. 4 of them. Nuff said. They can be used to take out hogs, tanks, and are one of the best pushers. Mostly defense purposes until the last 1 minute rush.
    Vulnerable to splash damage but that’s no matter because you have the almighty musketeer!
    The musketeer is extremely effective and has a large imapct on the game whenever she is placed. She is a walking cannon and when she is put behind 2 tanks, she does work.
    Counters flying troops and takes down buildings.
    When you launch a massive push maybe they take out your tanks but they will take a while to kill your musketeer and in that time, your musketeer was shooting 100+ damage bullets of doom at their tower.
    You should start off the game with Baby Dragon or Valkyrie in the back and wait for the opponent’s reaction.
    To launch a push early game use Giant+Baby Dragon+Spear Goblins
    To launch a mirror push late game use Baby Dragon+Mirror+Musketeer
    Barbs are mainly for defense against Hogs, PEKKAS etc
    Valkyrie mainly for defense against ground swarms
    Arrows to clear air swarms
    Golem Decks
    .If they use the classic Golem+Wizard+Spear Goblins combo simply drop a valkyrie to take out the spear goblins and wizard in a spin and then push other side.
    .If your opponent drops a Golem, you can either barbs and spear gobs it or simply rush the other side.
    .If your opponent drops Elixir Collector, launch a push
    P.E.K.K.K.A + Dual Prince
    This is a special case. In this case, if you know they don’t have fireball unleash the horror of barbs, mirror barbs. This is a 11 for 16 trade. Even if they do fireball, if you place one after the other in a timely spaced manner, you can win a 11 for 20 trade. However if you aren’t feeling confident with your abilities, then simply barbs to kill the pekka (or significantly lower in the case of enemy fireballing), valkyrie to occupy the princes and spear goblins to peel them from a distance.
    Hog + Freeze
    .Barbs in front of him to slow him down but be wary of the freeze so place spear gobs after the freeze.
    .If you know he has freeze, then place spear goblins instead to bait out the freeze, the barbs behind.
    .If you pull it off, you have barbs and spear gobs to create a successful push with any 1 more card in this deck.
    Balloon + Freeze
    .Musketeer the balloon. Make sure you place it in the middle.
    .Spear goblins the balloon.
    .Chances are, one of them gonna get frozen, but that’s okay you only need 1 of them to prevent damage to your tower apart from the occasional minimal death bomb damage.
    Hut Decks
    Once your opponent drops the Goblin Hut, rush the opposite lane. If they have 2 or 3 huts then simply use Baby Dragons to defend until late game rush.
    Building Decks
    Giant them! Back the giant up with valkyrie or baby dragon in case they try to swarm.

    • Monad


    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      Can you chat with me on the Facebook fanpage? I want to talk with you more about this.

    • Ultimit☆Cuest


      Hey, email will potter about a guide. It’ll make it to the front page of this website.
      HEY WILL!! We got an Einstein here. Looks good(didn’t read a single word, I saw read more and clicked it…Will do when I have some…lots…of spare time)


  • WestPKMN

    I dropped really badly from Arena 4 to just below Arena 2. So I made a deck that has worked in pushing me back up.

    This is a wait and counter strategy. You never make a push before x2 elixir.

    The freeze is essential because it stalls major pushes. The other key is the musketeer, which will be on the offensive, or wipe out frozen troops (does well against balloon).

    I haven’t tried any replacements yet, but I’d suppose rage can work for freeze, you would have to be offensive. Giant doesn’t do much unless you have freeze, so prince can work too.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share buddy! I really like reading comment like this :D.

  • Mr.Frank

    I don’t have the Dragon, so I’m using the Witch.

    So far, this deck has been going strong but the lack of a tank is its biggest weakness, and hence, an over reliance on Giant.

    • Will Potter

      thanks for the update Frank! I really appreciate it man!

  • herro

    nice deck. I used the balloon in place of the giant and it works pretty well.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Glad to hear that you are using this deck buddy!

  • Nihindu Gamage

    what if the opponent destroys the tombstone before we pull the balloon?

    • Will Potter

      Most if the time, your opponent can’t do that If you place it wisely :D.

    • Will Potter

      Also, If he places something in front of his Balloon, deal with it with your troops then place your Tombstone later in the middle!

  • Nihindu Gamage

    i cant do anything when the opponent deploys a goblin hut. pls give me good solution to the goblin hut

    • Will Potter

      Hello Nihindu!
      Just ignore the Goblin Hut and push on the other lane!

      • Ditto R. K. Asnar

        Usually I got wrecked faster when I try to push on the other lane 🙁

  • Cyrus Ho

    Hey guys! I keep getting stuck in arena 3 and i’m lvl5. I’m always in the 900 to 1050 trophie range and lvl 7 people keep appearing with strong troops. I hope that you guys can hep me!
    1 question, can you help counter giant skeleton, lvl2, plus balloon,lvl2, at the start of the match?

    • Will Potter

      Do you have any defensive building in your deck? You can use Tombstone to distract Giant Skeleton then use Musketeer/Minions/Spear Goblins to take down the Mortar. You will want to use more than 2 buildings to deal with them!

      • Cyrus Ho

        I use bomb tower

        • Cyrus Ho

          how about this deck
          :baby drag lvl2
          skeleton army lvl 1
          giant skeleton lvl 2
          bomb tower lvl4
          valkerie lvl 3
          fireball lvl 3
          musketeer lvl 4
          knight lvl6

  • Cyrus Ho

    Guys I tried this deck and failed as someone used pekka and mini pekka together to attack

    • Will Potter

      Always have your Tombstone up and you will be fine against them :D.

      • Cyrus Ho

        it does no effect as its practically unstoppable . pekka one hit tombstone gone!

        • Damien Kim

          The skeletons spawned by the tombstone should overwhelm the P.E.K.K.As. Use goblins if the P.E.K.K.As manage to get through.

  • LostWinter

    This deck is awesome! I tried it recently and I’m getting some wins

    • Will Potter

      xD I am so glad to hear this! Congrats mate!

  • Gray

    Im looking for a Good Arena 7 deck, right now i can get just in arena 7 then i lose every match afterwards

    • Will Potter

      Try Trifecta man! Very easy to use!