3M Ram Control Deck for Arena 9+

Hello, I’m 210577 and I’d like to share an amazing challenge deck I’ve been using for weeks now. It’s a Three Musketeers Battle Ram Deck

It has not only won me the Epic Challenge last week, but it has also brought me to Arena 11 with 10/7/4/1 cards. Apparently a Log variation of this deck is going meta, too.

The beauty of this deck is that it contains both the Battle Ram and Three Musketeers, both of which are cards which most players still fail to deal with when in the right hands. So without further ado, here it is!

3M Ram Control Deck

Clash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Knight
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Zap

Card Summary

Three Musketeers: Main win condition. Split them behind the King’s Tower for a powerful dual push or simply group them all together for devastating firepower. They can also bring you an easy 2nd crown when placed in the pocket, too. Note that they are weak to high damage spells (duh), so you should keep track of what spells your enemy has.

Battle Ram: Win condition #2. Many people underestimate the power of a Tournament Ram, but the resulting two barbarians can actually take down a whole tower if they spawn close enough. It’s also a bit more Inferno-resistant and defensively useful than Hog Rider, making it a better option. Oh yeah, and it can also kite Elite Barbarians, too.

Knight: Serves as a mini tank for both the 3Ms and the Ram. It’s not replaceable with the Ice Golem because it deals about 4x as much damage, which is really necessary when you have nothing else to defend against Hog decks and leftover support troops. Also very effective against Elite Barbarians, air units (kiting) and double-lane pushes, too.

Electro Wizard: Although the Electro Wizard can be used to form powerful pushes, for this deck he’s relatively expensive, so try not to use him as a push supporter before double elixir. Instead, use him with Knight or Skeletons on defence and attempt a counterpush depending on his HP. He can also serve as fireball bait, so try to use him before you put down 3 Musketeers when battling air decks.

Elixir Collector: A must-have card in most 3 Musketeer decks, the Elixir Pump helps you gain the elixir advantage you need in order to run a control deck. It’s OK if you receive some tower damage because you’ve pumped, but don’t place your Pump in extreme situations (e.g. when a Golem beatdown is under way) and don’t sacrifice whole towers.

Skeletons: These doots are the reason why a 3 Musketeers deck can cost 3.8 elixir, even with the pump. Can be used for various positive trades and distraction moves, and is also an amazing tank killer (paired with Ice Spirit, Skeletons can completely negate a lone Hog if placed right). They can also be used with your Ram to cycle, distract defending Elite Barbarians, and double the chipping power, too.

Ice Spirit: This card probably has the best cost/value ratio of all cards ingame. The ability to freeze targets for 1.5 seconds is extremely useful with your Ram pushes, when you’re going to want a way to immobilize Elite Barbarians and Inferno Towers that doesn’t cost 4 elixir. Also dead useful on defence when handled right.

Zap: Do I even need to explain this? (XD)


Starting moves

As with a lot of control decks, wasting elixir is generally not a good idea under any circumstances, so you’re going to want to start as soon as possible once you reach 10 elixir.

Don’t waste any time playing mind games with your opponent; just wait a second or two to see if they do anything, then make the first move yourself.


Here are the two main scenarios of the start:

  1. Opponent makes first move: If your opponent shows any sign of attacking (e.g. Knight/Archers in the rear, minitank or even a big tank coming your way), start by playing defensively. Use the Knight or Skeletons to tank damage while Skeletons or E-Wiz tanks the hits. Don’t reveal your Three Musketeers unless you feel like you must. Start a counterpush with Ram if some troops are left alive.
  2. Opponent doesn’t make first move (pumping/split skeletons don’t count as a move). The worst possible starting hand is the 3M, E-Wiz, Zap and Ice Spirit with Skeletons as the next card. If you are unlucky enough to start off like this, then there’s no choice but to wait for your opponent.
    1. If the Elixir Pump is in hand, deploy it.
    2. If it isn’t, then try a small Battle Ram push with a few cycle troops behind. Zap as you see fit and take note of their counters. A lot of the time, your first Ram push will take your opponent by surprise and end up connecting with the tower.
    3. If the Pump and Ram are both in rotation: Start off with a Knight in the back. Slowly rotate cards behind your Knight until the ram pops up, then go for a tanked Ram push.

Early Game (3:00~1:00 remaining)

The starting move is very important, but after that you can play relatively freely for the next 2 minutes.

During this time, defend your opponent as best as you can while pumping up and attempting light battle ram counterpushes (e.g. Ram + Skeletons + Ice Spirit, Ram + survived knight, Ram + survived e-wiz) to keep up the pressure and get some damage.

Just try not to reveal your Three Musketeers too early on unless your opponent has just spent their hard counters elsewhere.

Late game (1:00~overtime)

Now that you’ve got X2 elixir and a Pump or two down, show your opponent what you’ve got! If you haven’t seen any Fireballs, Rockets or Lightning for the first 2 minutes, then put grouped Musketeers at the very back of one lane and build a huge mega-push to take down the tower

Hint: spam down units like a three-year-old.

Otherwise, be creative and split your Three Musketeers while balancing the elixir values of each side. A good example of a split push is 1M + Battle Ram + Skeletons down one lane with 2M + Knight + Ice Spirit down the other.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve got one of their towers down but your enemy seems to have an answer for everything you have, there’s one last trick up your sleeve. This insidious, even trollish move is practiced by many of the more evil 3M users and is capable of completely swaying the entire battle! Simply save up 9 elixir, and place the Three Musketeers in the opponent’s pocket. It almost always guarantees 1000 tower damage, even against the most skilled players (an Ice Spirit helps a LOT). Many an unsuspecting player has had their full health tower robbed during overtime with this skill.

Sorry about the bad quality/lack of explanation, it’s just supposed to be a replay for you to get the general idea.

Tricky Matchups

Royal Giant: Don’t kill this guy with your Three Musketeers unless you must; most RG players have a Fireball, Lightning or Rocket waiting in hand. Instead, use your Knight + Skeletons, while Electro Wizard lessens his damage.

LavaLoon: If you suspect this is the Lightning version, immediately Ram the other lane and stop the Balloon from coming in, otherwise you’re probably doomed. If this is a non-Lightning variation, simply throw in Three Muskies to kill the Loon.

Golem Beatdown: Again, Ram the other lane because you have almost zero chances of surviving a Golem, even if you block it with the Three Musketeers (approximately 99.9% of Golem decks have Lightning). If you somehow survive the first Golem and get a tower, then use the pocket 3M trick and pray for your opponent to leave. IF you actually succeed in getting both towers down but your opponent is still willing to fight, apply as much pressure as you can to the King Tower with Battle Ram or 3M in the middle.

Other 3M decks: Good news is that most 3M users don’t bring heavy spells. Bad news is that you don’t have heavy spells to counter the enemy, either. If you meet another 3M user, play beatdown and use your own 3M to kill theirs.

OK, so thanks for reading this rather long guide. Hope this helps you out with challenges, good luck!

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