3M Miner Ram – The Ultimate Control Deck

Hey what’s up guys RSivak back again with a cool new Miner 3 Musketeer Battle Ram deck that I saw Coltonw83 using and decided to give it a try in both ladder and Challenges and found that it works amazingly! Let’s get into the cards

3M Miner Ram for Arena 9+

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale Goblin Gang
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale The LogClash Royale Electro Wizard

3M Miner Ram Analytic

Cards Breakdown

Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a cooler version of Skeleton Army, it has massive DPS and the Goblins are usually unzappable. It makes a great Hog killer or any tank killer and when paired with the Miner it can deal heavy damage. Cheap and versatile the Goblin Gang has become one of my favorite cards to use in this meta because of how much it can actually do.

Skeletons: Running a 3 Musketeer deck requires you to have low costs and Skeletons are a cheap cycle card, perfect for taking out Miners, Knights, Mini P.E.K.K.A’s and Prince with a little help. Since the fourth skeleton came back, these guys are perfect for distracting enemy units.

Elixir Pump: A must in a 3 Musketeer deck, perfect for baiting out Fireball, Lightning and Rocket which could shut down your 3 Musketeers. You have to keep pumps on the ground until double Elixir, taking some damage is not that big of a problem since this deck can easily take down towers if you’re able to keep pumps up.

Battle Ram: I hardly ever used this card until now, but I can see how strong it actually is, dropping the Miner at the Tower and the Battle Ram at the bridge can be a dangerous combo, add a prediction The Log and you could easily take down a Tower. The Battle Ram itself deals 400 damage and then two Barbarians pop out and start hacking. This card will usually deal the brunt of damage to the first Tower you take.

3 Musketeers: Your surprise pie in the face card. I usually keep this card under wraps until I take a Tower, you can then drop them in the center and they will usually take down hundreds of HP from the second Tower before your opponent can quickly react. It will deal the most damage when you first deploy, and since your other cards can easily take down the first Tower, I keep the Musketeers in reserve just to finish off the second Tower for a very safe and convincing win.

The Log: Not much to say about this card, pretty useful for killing Goblin Barrels and other pesky swarm troops.

Electro Wizard: The Electro Wizard is probably the most used Wizard in the arena. He deals 200 damage to a single target or 100 to two. His spawn Zap can stop a lot of pushes, and he absolutely rocks in defense. He is perfect for slowing down any enemy pushes and resetting charges on Sparkies and Infernos.

Miner: The Mini tank of the deck. He can be combined with every single troop in this deck and will have to be countered or the combo will deal tons of damage. Perfect for turning a defense with half HP troops into a counter push. Combining him with the Battle Ram is a 7 Elixir push that can devastate towers.


General Gameplan:

I cannot stress how important it is to pump up early and stay pumped. If they Fireball, Rocket or Lightning it don’t sweat. You will have to play a bit differently.

If you are able to keep pumps up and running throughout the match, then you should have no trouble taking down towers with Miner combo pushes and Battle Ram, remember to only use 3 Musketeers when they can deal the most damage. Make sure you keep defending and try your best not to let them take a Tower before double Elixir.

Playing the Elixir Pump is a dangerous move early game, it’s expensive but it will reward you later on. For your first pump, drop it in the center between the two towers, this way if they send in a Miner it will take much less damage, of course you should use Skeletons to mitigate even that damage.

If you don’t have the pump in your hand, try to cycle to it. Skeletons in the back, Miner at the Tower, nothing overly expensive, just some chip damage cards and safe plays.

If they rush you once you play the pump, don’t panic, just defend. You will have to understand that you are bound to take some damage once you place down a pump, you will be rewarded later on.

If your opponent is able to Rocket/Lightning/Fireball your pump every time, then focus more on pushing rather than getting your pumps up. Send in small Miner pushes until double Elixir when you can start pressuring more and more.

Battle Ram will be your main damage dealer, so make sure you use it as effectively as possible.


Beatdown: Tricky, Battle Ram to distract, as Goblin Gang and Electro Wizard finish everything off

Chip/Cycle: Annoying at best until you get into double Elixir, then you can completely overwhelm them.

Lava Hound: 3 Musketeers take it down easily, watch for Fireballs!

Hog Cycle: Skeletons do a fine job in a pinch, only allowing two swings, Goblin Gang works even better of course.

Royal Giant: Battle Ram, yes Battle Ram, it will distract the support while your Goblin Gang takes out the Royal Giant.

Elite Barbarians: Easy to defend against, you have so many swarm troops, just take care not to bunch them up for an easy Zap or Log.


  • Avoid using 3 Musketeers early game it is easy to kill and can set you back a lot!
  • Keep pumping unless they are able to constantly Rocket, Lightning or Fireball it.
  • Any defense troops after it has defended can be combined with a Miner to deal heavy damage.
  • Battle Ram can act as a distraction and is your main source of Tower damage, use it well!
  • If they always drop Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army on your Battle Ram, drop a prediction The Log, it could end up helping you deal hundreds of more damage!

That’s it for this guide guys, I’ll be back with guides to the other two decks he showed and hope they help you out!