Three Musketeers Cycle Deck – No Epic, No Legendary!

Hey guys, my name is Bros and today I will be talking about a Three Musketeers Cycle Deck. This deck is extremely fun to play with and can easily surprise your opponent!

Three Musketeers Cycle Deck

My account is free-to-play, so my cards are relatively low level. So, I’ve made a deck with all commons and rares that I can easily level up. So far, my cards in this deck are level 10.2 commons / 7.3 rares, on average. Using this deck, I have obtained a personal best of 4089.

Clash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale KnightClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Minions
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale ZapClash Royale elixir collector

Cards Breakdown:

Three Musketeers: The win condition in this deck. One of the highest DPS cards in the game. They can take down tanks, support troops, swarms, and just about anything. Have at least one pump down before placing them unless in overtime. Split the musketeers to earn the most value out of them. Level 8 recommended when pushing above Legendary Arena.

Zap: One of the most commonly used spells in the game. Eliminates Skeleton Army and leaves Minions with a sliver of health left. It can reset Sparky, Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, etc. As it’s your only spell you must use it wisely.

Knight: Low cost card with incredible health and DPS. He can distract and kill support troops such as Executioner, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Archers, Princess, Bomber, etc. He is great tanking for your Musketeer(s) when you split push. He can also take down Hog Riders with ease. Read more about him at here!

Ice Golem: Another low cost tank you can use for split pushing. He can be used to distract the Baby Dragon or Mega Minion, allowing Minions to finish them off. Also, the Ice Golem can kite the P.E.K.K.A, Giant Skeleton, or Valkyrie towards the other lane.

Skeletons: Insane value for 1 Elixir. They can nearly shut down a Hog Rider when coupled with the Ice Spirit. They can distract a Mega Minion, Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, etc. and can completely surround a Bowler, Wizard, Sparky, etc. Skeletons can counter Fire Spirits by being placed directly on top of them.

Minions: Highest DPS of all 3 Elixir cards. They are a great counter to Graveyard, Balloon, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Barbarians, etc. They can distract an inferno tower and can inflict a ton of damage on it. Use them offensively when split pushing with the Three Musketeers.

Ice Spirit: Another card like Skeletons that has a ton of value. Use it to prevent that Hog Rider from getting that extra shot off of your tower. Ice Spirit can freeze anything for 1.5 seconds! This makes it a great counter to Elite Barbarians. Also, the Ice Spirit can take a shot from a Musketeer and still jump on her! Ice Spirit does 95 damage to tower when ignored. You can almost never go wrong with it. Use it offensively in split pushes to get extra damage onto your opponent’s towers.

Elixir Collector: A card that simply gives you 2 free elixir. Place one whenever you can, except in overtime.
Elixir Collector is a Fireball bait. When you catch your opponent using the Fireball on on Elixir Collector, you play Three Musketeers. I recommend placing your Elixir Collectors in the corners of your side so that your opponent will not be able to Fireball your Elixir Collectors along with your Musketeers.
If you know your opponent has the Miner, place your Elixir Collector between your two Arena Towers. This deck is designed to cycle Elixir Collectors and easily be able to defend after placing one.

General Gameplan:

Your ideal starting hand will have the Elixir Collector in it. If not, cycle Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Ice Golem, etc. until you have it.

Once you have placed a pump, wait for their attack.

  • If your opponent places something at the bridge, defend with Knight, Minions, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, etc.
  • If they place something in the back, split your Musketeers in the back, giving two Musketeers to defend.

Once you have defended against their push, go for the counterpush.


Place a Knight/Ice Golem in front of your Musketeer(s) and wait for their response.

If you know your opponent has a Skeleton Army, prepare to place a Zap on top of it.

Your opponent will have the most trouble defending the side with two Musketeers, so you should always try to do more damage on the side with one Musketeer.

After you have taken one tower down, attack the second tower by placing Three Musketeers in the middle of your opponent’s side.

Note! I strongly recommend you take a look at this guide to read more about Three Musketeers, one of the most powerful cards in Clash Royale: Three Musketeers – From Basic to Advanced


Elite Barbarians: One of the easiest cards to play against. You have Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Knight, and Ice Golem. Also, in Double Elixir time you can play Three Musketeers followed by Skeletons and then go for a counterpush. When facing Elite Barbarians, it is easy to cycle pumps.

Royal Giant: Another easy card to play against. You pretty much have all the best counters to Royal Giant (besides P.E.K.K.A). Oftentimes split your Three Musketeers in the middle of your side, giving two Musketeers to take care of the Royal Giant, and place a Knight/Ice Golem on the side with one Musketeer.

LavaLoon: When your opponent places the Lava Hound, split your Three Musketeers in the back, giving two for the Lava Hound. Prepare Minions/Ice Spirit when you know your opponent is about to play the Balloon. When the Lava Hound pops, use the Ice Golem to tank damage from the Lava Pups.

Giant Beatdown: Defend pushes with two Musketeers. Use Ice Golem/Knight to distract/kill supporting units. Minions is a great defending card, too. Your opponent will mostly be pushing only on only one lane, so you need to put pressure on your opponent by creating split pushes. Always remember to cycle elixir collectors.

Zap Bait: Since your opponent is using a cheap deck, it is easy for you to cycle pumps. Your opponent will probably be using Skeleton Army, so you need to save your Zap for that. Use Skeletons or Knight to counter Princesses, and use the Ice Golem to soak damage and whittle down and slow down swarms of troops. Distract Inferno Towers using Skeletons/Minions/Ice Spirit. If your opponent uses the Rocket, use Elixir Collectors to bait it out, then place the Three Musketeers. Three Musketeers itself is also great counter to Zap Bait cards.

Hog Rider: You have Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Minions, and Knight. Use these to defend against Hog Riders. Always remember to cycle Elixir Collectors. In Double Elixir time, use the Three Musketeers to defend against the Hog Rider.

Graveyard: Not much to say here as you pretty much have all the counters to Graveyard. If your opponent uses Freeze, you can always destroy the Skeletons with Zap.

Golem: Probably the hardest deck to beat. Split the Three Musketeers, giving two for the Golem. Attack the golem with the Knight, and use Ice Golem + Minions to kill Baby Dragons and Mega Minions. Always remember to support your mini one Musketeer push to maintain pressure on your opponent. When in Double Elixir, you can often cycle back to your Three Musketeers, so you should play them again, this time in the middle of your side. Sometimes I am able to predict when my opponent is about to use Lightning, so I use Ice Golem/Knight to take a shot from Lightning.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. This deck is designed to give you many defensive options that can be played on offense as well. See you all in the arena!