Clash Royale September Update – Balance Changes (9/19)

As usual, in order to keep the game more and more balanced, Supercell is going to release couples of balance changes for some underused cards in Clash Royale in this September update! Also, the dominating cards – Giant and Lumberjack are going to get some nerfs. Let’s take a look my friends!

clash royale september update balance changes

Clash Royale September Update – Balance Changes

Giant’s damage decreased by 5%

Due to the fact that Giant Poison is extremely popular in the current meta game, this change was expected. This nerf will absolutely take a small amount of power from his big fists. His main role in the game is to soak up damage.

Rage Elixir cost decreased from 3 to 2, duration decreased by 2s, effect decreased from 40% to 30%

Since the Lumberjack got released, Rage hasn’t seen much in the game. This is a big update which fully changes the Rage. Decreasing its cost to only 2 Elixir makes Rage much more viable. Can’t wait to see tons of funny combos revolving around card!

Lumberjack’s Rage effect decreased from 40% to 30%, Rage duration decreased by 2s

This changes for consistency with the Rage’s changes above.

Mirror now mirrors cards to 1 level higher than its own level

This is such a huge buff for the Mirror. Mirror is one of the most underused cards in Clash Royale. This surprising change will definitely bring Mirror into our game much better. At Tournament card levels, Mirror will bring some insane surprise elements for your decks, making your cards 1 level higher than the cap.

Lightning now has the stun effect like Zap, stuns targets for 0.5s

You know that? Now we can use Lightning to reset Sparky, Inferno Tower, Royal Giant, Double Prince and even reduces Elixir Collector’s Elixir. Awesome! Can’t wait to face Lightning in the Arena!

The Log now knocks back ALL ground troops

Wow seems like Supercell really want to for people to use The Log. Congrats If you have The Log in your Collection!

Bomber HP decreased by 2%, damage increased by 2%

This is a small changes which fixes some inconsistencies with card interactions at certain levels.

Okay guys, what do you think about these changes? Please share your opinions!

  • Aidan McFarland

    I want mirror and rage now. 😛 (FIRST POST)

    • Christian Jensen

      proud of you

    • Will Potter

      x2 Lightning!!

    • Will Potter

      Mirror Minion Horde!!

  • Ankush Barman

    Haha you had to stuff archers into the pic

    • Will Potter

      There is still 1 slot left LMAO

      • Aidan McFarland

        That deck might be fun to use with elixir collector or something like that instead of archers.

        • Will Potter

          LOL agree xD xD

  • Natsu

    Can you please clarify the mirror buff?
    Before the level of the mirrored card is dependent on the mirror card’s level.
    Now would it always be +1 lvl of the mirrored card? What’s the difference between a lvl 1 and a lvl2 mirror card then?
    (Sorry. I might be misunderstanding something so simple.)


      level 1 mirror used to be 6/4/1/1 now it is 7/5/2/1
      level 8 mirror used to be 13/11/8/5 now it is 14/12/9/6

    • Arrow

      What about level 14 goblins??

  • WestPKMN

    Lightning should have had quicker deploy time or decreased Elixir to 5.

    • Will Potter

      You still want more? xD

  • Steve Diaz

    don’t agree with the bomber change

    • Arrow

      Why? It is only to fix some inconsistencies.

    • Will Potter

      The bomber change is pretty small, to fix some small matchups. It’s totally okay for me :D.

    • TheForgottenPlayer

      I agree

  • Xrehaanx Xrajax

    could u do more polls regurly they r fun and helpful

    • Will Potter

      I could try to do that buddy. Still looking for some ideas :D.

  • abdullah

    sorry but what happen to lvl8 mirror?lvl 14 common?or 12 rare?

    • Zigge

      Lvl 14 commons, lvl 12 rares, lvl 9 epics and lvl 6 legendaries. xDD

    • Will Potter

      Why rare?

  • Anthony Peterson

    Hold on a second… I thought they were adding the emote mute option for the September update, and as far as I can see, I ain’t seein it up there…

    Where it at?!

    • Will Potter

      This is the balance update, not the main update buddy!

    • Arrow

      There is a difference mate. The balance update is to balance out cards that were OP, or to buff cards that were kinda underused. The main update ( I think) is to introduce new features and maybe cards to CR.

  • Sarthak Peepra

    I think supercell adding new cards



  • David Howell

    Mirror Rage with a tank in double elixir time could become hilarious.

    I didn’t think the lightning zap was good for that much because usually it’s used to destroy troops near the tower to stuff an early push, but resetting the Inferno Tower makes it very useful in a GiWiPo deck (which is still going to be a usable one even with the Giant nerf) or the double PEKKA deck I’ve been using lately in preparation for the expected Giant nerf.

    • Will Potter

      Seems like we will have tons funny combos with the Mirror card!

  • Will Potter

    Yea I think they will nerf it soon :D.

  • Damien Kim

    What do you think would be the new meta?

    • Will Potter

      Air Deck xD

  • lamepotato

    can anybody explain to why the log buff is actually a buff? I get that it stops the princes charge now, but how does the ability to push golem/giant/pekka make the log OP? Can anyone explain it to me???

    • natocn5

      I don’t really understand why Supercell created Log in the first place. I mean, Bowler was an awesome idea, but a card that is pretty much one of his boulders is legendary?

      • lamepotato

        log seems better than sparky though.. (the log is more versatile) and CAN ANYONE ACTUALLY EXPLAIN TO ME THE BUFF?

        • David Howell

          The Log didn’t push back some tanky troops before, like PEKKA. It does now.

          • lamepotato

            i know that but how does that make the log stronger? in what kind of scenarios?

          • David Howell

            It makes the log not only take out some little support troops but actually delay the arrival of the tank in front of them. That might buy you time to throw down something else that can actually hurt the tank like Minion Horde or Barbarians if that’s next on deck.

          • lamepotato

            is that it?(no offence) that’s sort of disappointing. i was expecting a secret hidden mechanics or something. but thanks for the reply!

      • lamepotato

        i guess it’s more verstile and cheap? (and not to mention it can be placed anywhere)

    • Will Potter

      Pushing back everything is better than pushing back just a few troops.

      • lamepotato

        why? is it just to stall some time? Or is there bigger reason?

  • natocn5

    Me too it keeps destroying my elixir collectors

    • Will Potter

      You should use Poison then. LOL

  • arena 8

    Will, I’m in 2550 trophy zone, and im lvl 9 with lvl 8 common, lvl 6 rares, and lvl 3,2 epics. any deck recommands?
    (I’m using trifecta gob berrel with poison)

    • Will Potter

      Can you post your deck here buddy?

      • arena 8

        ok, goblin berrel, hog, inferno, valk, musket, fire spirits,

        poison, zap

  • Martin Hamza

    Balance changing of x-bow?
    Nobody use that..

    • Will Potter

      Yea I think they should focus on X-Bow in the upcoming update!

  • moose