Clash Royale November Balance Change Update (1/11)

Hey guys, today Supercell has announced the new balance change update which will be released on November 1st. In this update, Supercell are taking a look at Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Inferno Tower and the Rage Spell.


Ice Golem Death Damage increased by 74%

This change helps Ice Golem kill Skeletons nearby upon death at Tournament Rule card levels. This is such a great buff since people are using Skeleton Army and Tombstone a lot!

Ice Spirit Freeze duration decreased from 2s to 1.5s

The special Freeze ability is what makes Ice Spirit the best troop in Clash Royale pre-update. But, undoubtedly, 2s are too much with only 1 Elixir cost. We all knew this change would happen!

Rage effect increased from 30% to 35%

Rage is always very fun to use and is the surprising part of most decks containing it. But, currently its userate is very low. With the insane buff for this 2 Elixir Spell, I strongly believe we will face the Rage Spell a lot in the Arena!
As a result, Lumberjack’s Rage effect will be also increased from 30% to 35%.

Inferno Tower HP decreased by 6%

At the moment, Inferno Tower is the best defensive building in Clash Royale, working as the solution to deal with big tanks. Hands down, sometimes it’s very hard to remove the Inferno Tower from the map.

Also, as you can see in the image above (provided by Supercell), there is a new 3 Elixir card, which looks like a “Tornado”.

Seems like we will see this new card soon in the Arena:

  • kwugfighter

    The tornado art really needs work in my opinion

    • lamepotato

      i agree so much

    • DavidThePro21

      so much leaked cards

      • Will Potter

        Yea my bad. Thanks man!

    • Will Potter

      They will improve it soon I think.

  • lamepotato

    i hope this doesn’t kill ice spirit or the inferno

    • Will Potter

      Why Ice Spirit?

  • BeeDroid Gamer

    Ice spirit’s freeze reduction is something that we already knew would have happened, good buff to ice golem n rage too. Oh and btw tornado’s cost is 3 (as in pic) and not 4

  • Saw yan chang

    The new card ‘ Tornado ‘ cost 3 elixir or 4 ?

  • Tormit


  • 454599999

    there’s a fire and ice elements so supercell wants to add more element. It’s Tornado with air element!! I hope that the next update they add a legendary card named Avatar

    • Gol D. Tender

      Tornado is a long name Lets call it TWISTER!!! And I hope there will be Earthquake Spell.

      • Bobhob

        Lol, they are both 7 letters

        • Gol D. Tender

          but 2 syllables not 3

      • Will Potter

        Yea I like Twist more xD

      • Wolf

        If they follow Clash of Clans to any extent, then they will. I feel like they are adding Earthquake soon, because the Graveyard is based on Clash of Clans skeleton spell. Might be worth watching changes to CoC to figure out CR changes.

  • Stevenlol

    Tornado? I guess it will blow all the troops in the area back?

    • Will Potter

      It will group everything I think…

  • DaSlime

    emm….. Tornado is 3 elixer not 4….

  • Hi !!!! TOURNADO cost is 3 elixir not 4

    • Shay Raja

      where is it 4??

  • 703dc

    Apparently the tornado will suck them and keep the troops in the same place for like 2 seconds and do damage over time or something

    • MaybeDylan

      sucks troops only for 3.2 seconds at a radius of 5 tiles

  • MaybeDylan

    New card speculation for november 1st update

    – electric wizard, 4 elixer legendary card, stuns nearby enemies when placed, hits zaps enemies 2 at a time

    Clone spell??-3 elixer epic card, cloned troops health weaker than normal, radius 3

    Level upped barbs( name tbc)- 6 elixer common card that spawns 2

    + the tornado(twister whatever)

    • Shay Raja

      i wonder if u knew that or just copied the most recent article ._.

  • o_0__ALG

    we didn’t get the update yet why ?

  • Death Machine

    tornado would make a beast deck when paired with hog. Suck up barbs or any counter and will get at least 3 hits off. Only 7 elixir push for about 500 or more damage.

  • Death Machine

    Also hog royal gant deck

  • Death Machine

    I wonder if the wizard can hit the troops in the tornado. ALso hopefully reset sparky and tower could hit it in tornado