Clash Royale August Update: Balance Changes

Hello guys, as always, Supercell is about to release a new Clash Royale update with lots of new balance changes to refresh the game and make things more balanced. This update did take a pretty long time to be released because Supercell was in the vacation during July. Anyway, after this update, we can expect the monthly balance change coming to Clash Royale!

In this Clash Royale balance change update, Supercell is going to nerf the Royal Giant (good news right?) and some Legendary Cards. Let’s take a look guys. I think you will like this update!

August Update: Balance Changes

Clash Royale August Update

Royal Giant’s attack speed decreased from 1.5s to 1.7s

Royal Giant is such a very easy to use troop. He is one of the best offensive troops at the moment. I did explain why he was the best common card in Clash Royale before, you can take a look at here for more details! Do you agree that he is too strong? Most Clash Royale players have been asked Supercell to nerf this guy for months. And here we are!

This update will allow him to stay relevant but not good as before. Moreover, his first attack speed will also be decreased a bit, making it much easier to deal with him!

In addition, due to the change, his overall DPS will be decreased by 12%

Zap’s Stun duration decreased from 1s to 0.5s

Zap is the another overused card which can be seen in almost any deck at the moment. This card offers too much value for only 2 Elixir. This change is very predictable!

Princess’s Area Damage radius decreased by 25%

Personally I think this is a very good change from Supercell, making the Princess a lot less reliable at clearing up everything. She is offerings lots of versatility at the moment for only 3 Elixir.

Ice Wizard HP decreased by 5%

Undoubtedly the Ice Wizard offers too much for his only 3 Elixir cost, especially his HP. After the nerf, he will be still very strong on defense but not good as before on offense.

Miner HP decreased by 6%; Deploy time increased from 0.7s to 1s.

Do you remember the unintentional Miner’s deploy time change before? It’s fixed now. Also, this update makes the Miner slightly easier to deal with.

Baby Dragon’s attack speed increased from 1.8s to 1.6s

We rarely can see this guy in high Arenas at the moment. The faster attack speed will make people considering using Baby Dragon more!

Dark Prince’s damage increased by 7.5%

This handsome guy’s stats are not on par with other 4 Elixir options (Valkyrie for example). This small damage buff will make him more viable on both offense and defense. At the moment, the Dark Prince Balloon combo is pretty popular in Arena 9. Hopefully after this update, we will be able to see this funny combo a lot more!


Bowler’s Elixir cost decreased from 6 to 5. Damage decreased by 10%. HP decreased by 7%.

6 Elixir cost is just so high comparing to what he offers. This update will make him more viable. Also, his HP seems like so good while his damage is not. IMHO this is a great change. Hopefully we can see him more in the future! This is a huge buff!

In addition, now, Bowler can’t 1 hit Archers at relative level anymore!

Lumberjack movement speed increased from Fast to Very Fast, Attack Speed increased from 1.1s to 0.7s, Damage decreased by 23%

Wow this is such a big change to the Lumberjack! This change is intended to differentiate Lumberjack from Mini P.E.K.K.A further. You will find it’s easier to choose either for your deck!

The Log travel speed increased by 20%, cast time decreased by 66%

Seems like people don’t like The Log a lot. This change will make it more consistent.

Golem attack damage and death damage increased by 5%, HP increased by 1%.
Golemite attack damage and death damage increased by 8%, HP increased by 3.2%.

He needs something more powerful for his 8 Elixir Cost! Golem’s userate is still very low at most Arenas. Hopefully after this update, we will be able to meet him more.

P.E.K.K.A damage increased by 5%

Same as above!

Tombstone spawn speed increased from 2.9s to 2.5s

Now it can spawn up to 16 Skeletons during its lifetime. Seems like people will use Tombstone more in the future. Take a look at this guide to see more uses of this outstanding card!

Archers damage increased by 2%

This change is to fix the small inconsistency with Archers vs. Goblins at some certain levels.

Prince’s damage increased by 2%

Same as above. This change is to fix the small inconsistency with Prince vs. Barbarians at some certain levels.

My prediction: Giant Poison will be dominating after the upcoming update!

What do you think about this update my friend? Please share your opinion!