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What Deck Archetype Suits You The Best? – 1-Minute Quiz – Clash Royale Arena

What Deck Archetype Suits You The Best? – 1-Minute Quiz

Hey Guys, Norbysweg(Night Witch FTW) here bringing you guys a quick Quiz on how to find that kind of Deck you feel good playing with.

Before you start, this test is for everybody, not only for extremely skilled players.

Clash Royale Deck Archetype

Finding which Deck Archetype suits you the best is like finding a shoe that fits your foot and it’s confortable while walking.

If you don’t know what are the Deck Archetypes, take a look at here.

Now that we’re done the talking, let’s get into the Quiz! Also note that there is no right or wrong answer, if you lie here, you’re basically lying to yourself, so be honest boi!

What Deck Archetype suits you the best?

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I think I pretty much covered every Archetype in this Quiz, I’m pretty much a hybrid between Beatdown and Zap-Bait, but I also enjoy playing control.

Hope you guys learned something new about yourself today, so all I can say is good luck improving in your favorite Archetype!


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  1. Adarshpreet Bhullar
  2. teeboy
  3. Ender King
    • logan
    • Jack Shen
  4. Ender King
    • Danny Pechter
  5. Ender King
  6. VioletDawn
    • logan
  7. VioletDawn
  8. Quetran Hyunh
    • Frisk Dreemurr_YT
  9. logan
    • Make Trifecta Great Again
  10. E-BaRb FEst
  11. E-BaRb FEst
  12. Vansh Narula
  13. leandro horane (Escondido)
  14. HateOnOverleveledCards
  15. HateOnOverleveledCards
  16. HateOnOverleveledCards
  17. pyromancer
    • Vansh Narula
      • pyromancer
  18. Calvin Van duuren
  19. badass
  20. badass
  21. David Qiao
  22. EchoPL
    • Vansh Narula
  23. Thomas Huisman
    • Jack Shen
  24. Filipe Valasco Ramos
    • hybrid FTW
  25. hybrid FTW
  26. Tiago Fernandes
    • Make Trifecta Great Again
  27. Anmol Agashe
    • Jack Shen
    • HiPeople MC
    • KiwiGamer
    • Jack Shen
    • LevyT
  29. BoaFXP
    • Dugar
    • ComBlockWither
    • monkey
  30. Joshua Davies
  31. Hardik Patel
    • Mackleboy
      • Liam Greathouse
      • Hardik Patel
  32. KiwiGamer
  33. Jack Shen
  34. Ammo Cammo
  35. LevyT
    • Make Trifecta Great Again
  36. Jack Shen
  37. gc
    • Mackleboy
  38. FancytheCreator
    • monkey
  39. Mackleboy
    • Cow FTW
  40. Shantanu Sonawane
    • skylar
  41. Elkan Tan
  42. skylar
    • Avnish Singh
  43. Shaq
  44. derKekseritter
  45. menotyou
    • Prestotheman
  46. Prestotheman
    • A Random Nerd
      • Prestotheman
      • A Random Nerd
  47. Prince Adindu
    • Ninja
  48. Avnish Singh

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